About Watchdog.net

We're trying to build a hub for politics on the Internet. Our plan has three parts:

Data.  icon There's a lot of great information out there about politics — votes, lobbying records, campaign finance reports. Unfortunately, it's split across a dozen different web sites and often hidden behind confusing interfaces. We're pulling all of that together and letting you explore it in one elegant, unified interface. (Plus, we're sharing all the results so you can come up with new ways to explore it.) Action.  icon Just giving you information isn't enough. Unless you can do something about it, it's just going to get you down. So we're building a series of first-class tools for getting involved‚ ways to write and call your representatives, send letters to local media, and figure out who to vote for. Causes.  icon But politics isn't about people doing things in isolation; it's about coming together around shared causes. That's why we let you start your own causes and campaigns, invite your friends to join them, and let you learn about other causes that could use your help.

How you can help...