Who we are.

Programmer A.S.L. Devi
Devi has worked on everything from cryptography to libraries of math algorithms to performance optimization to Web 2.0 startups. She lives in Bangalore, India.

Programmer Simon Carstensen
Simon won the 2001 ArsDigita Prize for his site "The Reminder Network". Since then, he has co-founded Infogami, Jottit.com, Newsflip, and graduated from college. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Programmer Jeff Thomas
Jeff has built build systems, media players, web applications, and Perl scripts. Then he blew all of us away by sending us large new fixes to watchdog.net. He lives near Sacramento, California, USA.

Programmer Kragen Sitaker
is one of those people who just can't stop programming. Back during the bubble, when most people were excited about just having web pages that take credit card numbers, he was building sites with AJAX and Comet (long before the terms had been invented). His kragen-hacks feed regularly has posts like "I was stuck at an airport for a couple hours, so I wrote a real-time 3D rendering engine in JavaScript." He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Programmer Christopher Budnick
Christopher is a major player in the Free Culture movement. He has previously worked with the Berkman Center, the OLPC project, and 826 Boston. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Designer Rebecca Malamud
Rebecca started doing information design in the late 1980s and hasn't let up. Gifted with both an incredible sense of style and a breakneck pace, she's created designs for dozens of sites, including Open Library, Public.Resource.Org, Mappa.Mundi, and many more. She lives in Sixes, Oregon, USA

Founder Aaron Swartz
Aaron has been building web applications for far too long. He co-founded Reddit (since purchased by Condé Nast), Jottit, Open Library, and theinfo.org. His writing on technology and politics has appeared in Extra!, Wired, Personal Democracy Forum, and other publications. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

We're funded by a grant from the Sunlight Network and the Sunlight Foundation, non-profits dedicated to promoting the revolutionary power of the Internet to enable people to become active citizens and create a government that is transparent and accountable.

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