H.R. 5522

Combustible Dust Explosion and Fire Prevention Act of 2008

(Introduced on 2008-03-04 in the 110th Congress.)

Introduced by George Miller.

To require the Secretary of Labor to issue interim and final occupational safety and health standards regarding worker exposure to combustible dust, and for other purposes.

Interest Group Support

Group Support
Change to WinSupport
United Food and Commercial WorkersSupport
Retail, Wholesale and Department Store UnionSupport
United Support & Memorial For Workplace FatalitiesSupport
National Fire Protection AssociationSupport
American industrial Hygiene AssociationSupport
American Rights at WorkSupport
Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors - National AssociationOppose
National industrial Sand AssociationOppose
Printing Industies of AmericaOppose
Industrial Minerals Association--North AmericaOppose
National Mining AssociationOppose
Building Owners and Managers Association InternationalOppose
US Chamber of CommerceOppose
National Federation of Independent BusinessOppose
American Bakers AssociationOppose
Retail Industry Leaders AssociationOppose
Textile Rental Services Association of AmericaOppose
National Association of ManafacturersOppose
American Composite Manufacturers AssociationOppose
The Society of the Plastics IndustryOppose
American Foundary SocietyOppose
National Automobile Dealers AssociationOppose
National Oilseed Processors AssociationOppose
Corn Refiners AssoiationOppose
Associated Builders and ContractorsOppose
Associated General ContractorsOppose
National Association of Home BuildersOppose
Mason Contractors Association of AmericaOppose
National Roofing Contractors AssociationOppose


Party Support Oppose Abstain
Prefers Democratic Party500
Democratic, Republican100
Write-In, Constitution Party of Montana, Louisiana Taxpayers Party010
Democratic, Working Families1500
Republican, Conservative, Independence110
Democratic, Independence, Working Families, Independent100
Democratic, Independence, Working Families700
Caucus Support Oppose Abstain
Congressional Black Caucus3600
New Democrats5600
Blue Dogs4500
Progressive Caucus6600
Bill data comes from GovTrack. Interest group data comes from MAPLight.org.

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