J Chandler Peterson from zip code 30343

Political contributions disclosed by campaign committees to the Federal Election Commission, sorted by name, zip code and employer. The data, from the FEC, covers the years 1979 through 2008.



J Chandler Peterson, J Chandler Peterson & Associates
$1,000 to Ed Jenkins For Congress on March 21, 1984
J Chandler Peterson, J Chandler Peterson-Wealth Manageme
$1,000 to Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on October 18, 1984
J Chandler Peterson, Peterson Wealth Management Company
$1,000 to Hollings For President, Inc. on July 27, 1983
J Chandler Peterson, Wealth Management
$1,000 to Georgians For Good Government Committee (Formerly-Georgians For Talmadge) on November 9, 1979