Earmarks requested by Sen. Blanche Lambert Lincoln

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$ for Clinton School of Public Service, curriculum development
$ for University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, for equipment and curriculum development for genetic counseling and other health care programs
$138,000,000 for Peer Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program
$80,000,000 for Peer Reviewed Prostate Cancer Research Program
$54,527,000 for Channel Improvement, AR, IL, KY, LA, MS, MO & TN
$54,129,000 for Mississippi River Levees, AR, IL, KY, LA, MS, MO & TN
$29,144,000 for McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System
$24,000,000 for National Writing Project, a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes K–16 teacher training programs in the effective teaching of writing.
$22,632,000 for Ozark-Jeta Taylor Powerhouse (Major Rehab)
$18,423,000 for Professional Education Center/GED Plus Training Complex (Grow the Force)
$11,840,000 for Ouachita and Black Rivers
$11,611,000 for Mississippi River Levees, AR, IL, KY, LA, MS, MO & TN
$10,000,000 for Peer Reviewed Ovarian Cancer Research Program
$9,840,000 for St. Francis River Basin
$9,840,000 for Grand Prairie Region
$9,800,000 for Multi-purpose Education Facility
$9,800,000 for Runway Repair
$8,774,000 for Degray Lake
$7,580,000 for National Rural Water Association
$7,562,000 for Blakely Mt. Dam, Lake Ouachita
$6,888,000 for St. Francis River and Tributaries, AR & MO
$6,453,000 for Bull Shoals Lakes
$6,000,000 for Future Medical Shelter System-44/48 Bed Combat Support Hospital
$5,600,000 for M291/M295 Skin Decontamination Rohm and Haas Company
$5,500,000 for Ammunition Supply Point
$4,193,000 for Delta Nutrition Initiative, Little Rock, AR
$4,000,000 for M18 Yellow Smoke Grenade Pine Bluff Arsenal
$3,929,000 for Narrows Dam, Lake Greeson
$3,283,000 for State of Arkansas, Bus and Bus Facilities
$3,277,000 for Red River Emergency Bank Protection, AR & LA
$3,200,000 for Standoff Improvised Explosive Device Detection Program Arkansas State University; Florida A&M University
$3,116,400 for Interstates 430/630 Interchange Modifications
$3,000,000 for Vanadium Safely Readiness Bear Metallurgical; Strategic Minerals Corporation; Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center; Metallurg Vanadium
$2,712,000 for White River
$2,657,000 for Bayou Meto Basin
$2,626,400 for Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, construct second landing surface
$2,626,400 for Interstate 69/ Great River Bridge; Highway 65-MS Highway 1
$2,624,000 for Tensas Basin, Boeuf and Tensas Rivers, AR & LA
$2,582,000 for Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas National Center for Appropriate Technology, Butte, Montana
$2,500,000 for Nanoscale Biosensor Research
$2,500,000 for Profiler-Meteorological Measuring Set
$2,412,000 for Rural Community Assistance Partnership to fund rural and small water system technical assistance
$2,219,000 for Millwood Lake
$2,180,000 for Moro Big Pine
$2,060,000 for Red River Below Denison Dam, LA, AR, & TX
$2,000,000 for Standoff Hazardous Agent Detection & Evaluation System (SHADES) Arkansas State University
$1,922,000 for Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center, Booneville, AR
$1,900,000 for Urban Assault Course
$1,803,200 for Westside (Caraway) Overpass
$1,600,000 for Surgical Wound Disinfection and Biological Agents
$1,600,000 for Depot Automated Identification Technology (D-AIT) at Anniston Army Depot and Red River Army Depot Intermec Technologies Corporation
$1,600,000 for SWORDS Safety Confirmation Testing for Accelerated Fielding and Production National Technical Systems Corporation
$1,600,000 for Intelligent Free Space Optical Satellite Communications Node Space Photonics, Inc.
$1,476,000 for Arkansas State University ethanol fuel development (AR)
$1,200,000 for Activated Nanostructures for De-icing University of Arkansas at Little Rock
$1,181,000 for Nanostructured Solar Cells (AR)
$1,059,000 for Endophyte Research, Booneville, AR
$1,057,000 for Animal Science Food Safety Consortium, AR, IA, KS University of Arkansas, Iowa State University, Kansas State University
$984,000 for White River Backwater
$980,000 for Highway 71/Future Interstate 49 Development and Construction between Louisiana Line and Doddridge
$980,000 for I-555 Access Road
$975,000 for Jefferson Regional Medical Center for equipment
$882,000 for Multi-purpose education Facility (design)
$779,000 for Osceola Harbor
$696,000 for National Center for Agricultural Law, MD
$689,000 for Water Systems Council WellCare water well owner technical assistance program
$679,150 for Clinical Justice Institute, Little Rock, AR for a law enforcement education and training program
$656,600 for Northwest Arkansas Western Beltway
$656,600 for City of Fayetteville, to support the Fayetteville Attainalbe Housing Partnership
$656,600 for Texarkana Regional - Webb Field Airport, construct new Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue Station
$609,000 for University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR, for a technology training and instruction initiative, which may include equipment
$585,000 for Community Health Centers of Arkansas infrastructure development program
$581,000 for Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center, Little Rock, AR
$553,000 for Aquaculture Fisheries Center, Pine Bluff, AR
$535,800 for Pine Bluff Police Department, Pine Bluff, AR, for an interoperable communications system
$535,800 for Arkansas State Police, Little Rock, AR, to investigate, seize, dismantle and direct the clean-up of meth labs
$500,000 for University of Arkansas Research and Technology Park
$492,000 for National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission (AR)
$490,000 for Highway 77 Rail Grade Separation
$490,000 for Bella Vista Bypass
$490,000 for Highway 165 Overpass
$470,000 for Girls, Inc.
$461,000 for Pine Mountain Lake
$446,500 for Fayetteville Police Department, Fayetteville, AR for a simulcast communications system that will meet the needs of local public safety agencies
$446,500 for Arkansas World Trade Center; Funding to support efforts to develop international trade initiatives in Northwest Arkansas
$436,000 for Harry K. Dupree National Aquaculture Research Center, Stuttgart, AR
$429,000 for Drew County Memorial Hospital, Monticello, AR for facilities and equipment
$412,000 for Helena Harbor, Phillips County
$401,850 for Arkansas State Police, Forensic Recovery of Evidence Data Center
$394,000 for Helena Harbor, Phillips County
$394,000 for Southeast Arkansas
$393,960 for Business Support Incubator, to support job creation in central Arkansas
$390,000 for University of Arkansas Medical School Cancer Research Center, for facilities and equipment.
$331,000 for White River Navigation to Newport
$305,500 for University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute School Resource Officer Training
$295,000 for The Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority for water system improvement project
$295,000 for The City of Fayetteville for Wastewater Improvements
$284,000 for Operation Oak Program National Wild Turkey Federation
$267,900 for Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences in Fayetteville, AR, for research and technology
$267,900 for Criminal Justice Institute, Little Rock, AR, for meth-focused training courses
$246,000 for Lower Mississippi River Resource Study
$235,000 for Independence County, AR Sheriff's Department Campus Digital Card Access System
$235,000 for Save the Children Rural Literacy Program, Helena, AR
$223,250 for Save the Children, Washington, DC, for juvenile delinquency prevention programs
$223,250 for Arkansas State Police, wireless technology for investigators in the field
$197,000 for Red River Navigation Study, Southwest Arkansas
$196,000 for Audubon Arkansas for the Development of Little Rock Audubon Center, completion of second phase
$173,000 for National Wild Turkey Federation
$167,000 for Yellow Bend Port
$148,000 for Lane House Theater
$146,000 for KIPP Foundation, San Francisco, CA for a subgrant to the KIPP Delta College Preparatory School in Helena, AR
$143,000 for Reduce Small Farm Outreach Wetlands Management Center, AR University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
$140,000 for White River Basin Comprehensive
$107,000 for May Branch, Fort Smith
$89,300 for Women's Council on African American Affairs, Little Rock, AR, for support for the Center for Healing Hearts and Spirits Prevention of Black on Black Crime Initiative.
$74,000 for Specialty Crops, AR University of Arkansas
$73,000 for Lyon College, Batesville, AR, to purchase and install equipment
$0 for Lower Cache Restoration
$0 for Millwood Lake
$0 for The Self Reliance Foundation, Washington, DC, Hispanic education program targeted for at-risk youth to prevent gang involvement.
$0 for Big Brothers/Big Sisters
$0 for Wynne
$0 for Parents Anonymous, Inc., Child abuse and prevention programs
$0 for Mammoth Springs National Fish Hatchery Visitor Center (cc)