Earmarks requested by Sen. Chuck Schumer

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$ for Rochester Area Colleges, Excellence in Math and Science
$ for York College, City University of New York, Jamaica, NY for activities to prepare students for careers in aviation management.
$ for New York Hall of Science, for science exhibits and educational programming
$ for Jazz at Lincoln Center, for music education programs
$210,700,000 for Long Island Rail Road East Side Access, New York, NY
$167,810,300 for Second Avenue Subway Phase 1
$138,000,000 for Peer Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program
$85,192,000 for New York and New Jersey Harbor, NY & NJ
$80,000,000 for Peer Reviewed Prostate Cancer Research Program
$61,000,000 for Barracks (Grow the Force)
$55,000,000 for Brigade Complex-Company Operations
$44,000,000 for Brigade Complex Maintenance Facility
$41,000,000 for Medical Clinic Addition/Alteration
$41,000,000 for Unit Operation Facilities (Grow the Force)
$40,000,000 for Brigade Complex-Barracks/Operations
$38,000,000 for Unit Operation Facilities (Grow the Force)
$32,485,000 for Civic Education Program (Center for Civic Education and National Council on Economic Education) It is also for a comprehensive program between the Center for Civic Education, Indiana University and NCSL to improve public education of the congress and state legislatures.
$24,000,000 for National Writing Project, a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes K–16 teacher training programs in the effective teaching of writing.
$23,800,000 for Spinal Cord Injury Center
$15,923,000 for Army Reserve Center
$12,000,000 for Infrastructure Upgrades
$10,000,000 for Peer Reviewed Ovarian Cancer Research Program
$9,600,000 for Automated Qualification Training Range
$9,600,000 for Watervliet - Arsenal Support Program
$8,735,000 for Atlantic Coast of NYC, Rockaway Inlet to Norton Point
$8,400,000 for Construct Part One of the Pararescue Facility
$7,872,000 for Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, Second Barrier
$7,580,000 for National Rural Water Association
$7,484,000 for New York and New Jersey Channels
$7,200,000 for Global Air Traffic Management for KC-135
$7,000,000 for Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
$6,888,000 for Fire Island Inlet to Montauk Point, NY
$6,600,000 for Construct New Northeast Air Defense Sector Support Facility
$5,777,000 for New York Harbor (Drift Removal)
$5,600,000 for M291/M295 Skin Decontamination Rohm and Haas Company
$5,100,000 for Upgrade Base Facilities
$4,922,000 for Long Island Sound Program
$4,800,000 for AN/SPQ-9B Radar for DDG 51 Modernization Program Northrop Grumman
$4,306,000 for New York Harbor
$4,180,000 for Jamaica Bay
$4,000,000 for Advanced Steam Turbine
$4,000,000 for Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring System for UAVs
$3,770,000 for Jones Inlet
$3,600,000 for Ultra-High Resolution Display for Army Medicine eMagin Corporation
$3,572,000 for Regional Climate Centers, cooperative agreement with the National Climatic Data Center, Univ. of NE; Illinois State Water-Survey; Cornell University; S.C. Dept. of Natural Resources; Louisiana State University; Desert Research Institute
$3,500,000 for Mobile Defense Fighting Positions Defenseshield, Inc.
$3,200,000 for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Research Program Columbia University Medical Center/Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation
$3,200,000 for Kinetic Hydropower System (KHPS) Turbine Verdant Power
$3,200,000 for Defect-Free Commercially Viable Si/C Semiconductor Using Superlattice Technology Fala Technologies; C9 Corporation; C9 Corporation
$3,200,000 for Predator Aircrew Mission Training System (PMATS) Upgrade
$3,000,000 for Smart Machine Platform Initiative US Army Benet Laboratories
$3,000,000 for Multi-Mission Advanced Sensor System (MASS) Radiance Technologies; PAR Government Systems Corporation
$3,000,000 for Virus Mutation and Virus Transfer from Humans to Animals Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute
$3,000,000 for Accelerating Fuel Cells Manufacturability and their Application in the Armed Forces Rochester Institute of Technology; Delphi Corporation
$2,400,000 for Enhanced Multi-mission Radar
$2,400,000 for Power Efficient Microdisplay Development for US Army Night Vision eMagin Corporation
$2,400,000 for Hand-held Nanotechnology Enabled Bio-warfare Agent Identification System Integrated Nanotechnologies (INT)
$2,400,000 for Functionally Integrated Reactive Surface Technologies (FIRST) Program Starfire Systems; Southwest Research Institute; Starfire Systems
$2,400,000 for Recon-Navigation System (RNAV) for the DPD STIDD Systems Inc.; Mathews Associates
$2,400,000 for Infotonics Research
$2,400,000 for Mountain Cold Weather Clothing and Equipment Program - Marine Corps Base Layers Vital Apparel Group/InSport
$2,400,000 for Unmanned Threat Emitter Modernization DRS Electronic Warfare and Network Systems; DRS Electronic Warfare and Network Systems; Atlantic Microwave; DRS Electronic Warfare and Network Systems
$2,166,000 for Northeastern States Research Cooperative (ME; $295,320; NH; $836,740; NY; $196,880; VT; $836,740)
$2,107,000 for Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY
$2,067,000 for Water Environment Research Foundation
$2,000,000 for Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing Binghamton University
$2,000,000 for Detection of Biological Agents in Water Wayne State University; Source Sentinel LLC.
$2,000,000 for Defense Modernization and Sustainment Initiative, Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester Institute of Technology
$2,000,000 for Fibrin Adhesive Stat (FAST) Dressing STB Lifesaving Technologies
$2,000,000 for Advancement of Intelligent Aerospace Systems (AIAS) for the U.S. Air Force Clarkson University
$2,000,000 for Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM)
$2,000,000 for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Fuel Cell Power Source
$1,968,000 for New School University Green Building (NY)
$1,911,000 for Niagara Falls International Airport, cargo apron-phase 1B
$1,900,000 for Cyber Attack Mitigation and Exploitation Laboratory II (CAMEL II) Air Force Research Laboratory
$1,870,000 for Center for Grape Genetics, Geneva, NY
$1,800,000 for Mobile Corrosion Protection and Abatement
$1,800,000 for Mobile Corrosion Protection and Abatement
$1,800,000 for Mobile Corrosion Protection and Abatement
$1,723,000 for Highlands Conservation Act (CT, NJ, NY, PA)
$1,690,500 for Hudson Valley Welcome Center
$1,600,000 for 76mm Super Rapid Medium Caliber Gun System Explosives Safety Review Oto Melara North America Inc.
$1,600,000 for Biowaste to Bioenergy; Phase Two State University of New York at Cobleskill
$1,600,000 for JP-5 Manifold (Globe) Electric Valve Operator (EVOs) Curtiss Wright Corporation, Target Rock Division
$1,600,000 for Air Gun Ship Shock Testing of Naval Vessels Weidlinger Associates Inc.
$1,600,000 for MK-48 Torpedo Post-Launch Communication System Navy Sea Systems Command
$1,600,000 for Ground Multiband Terminal (GMT) L-3 Communications
$1,600,000 for U.S. Navy Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Program Trudeau Institute
$1,600,000 for Future Fuel Non-Tactical Vehicle Initiative
$1,600,000 for Next Generation Non-Tactical Vehicle Propulsion
$1,600,000 for Smart Visor Holographic Optics
$1,600,000 for Defense Against Viral Infection (DAVI) CUBRC, Inc.
$1,600,000 for On-Board Vehicle Power Management BAE Systems
$1,600,000 for One Soul; Holocaust Education Exhibit
$1,600,000 for Parsons Institute for Information Mapping for Defense Health Program's TRICARE System and the AHLTA The New School-Parsons Institute for Information Mapping
$1,600,000 for Cancer Prevention through Remote Biological Sensing Stony Brook University
$1,568,000 for Fruit Belt Redevelopment Plan
$1,548,000 for Viticulture Consortium, CA, NY, PA
$1,528,800 for Nassau County Hub
$1,500,000 for Inspection Systems for Propulsion Equipment GE Inspection Technologies, LP
$1,476,000 for Steel Creek
$1,462,000 for Champlain Valley Physician's Hospital, Plattsburgh, NY for facilities and equipment
$1,410,000 for Onondaga County, NY Communications Project
$1,323,000 for Engineering and Construction of Glen Cove Ferry
$1,279,000 for SUNY Cobleskill bio-waste to bio-energy project (NY)
$1,218,000 for Helen Keller International, New York, NY for the ChildSight Vision Screening Program and to provide eyeglasses to children whose educational performance may be hindered because of poor vision
$1,146,600 for Spaulding Fibre Remediation and Demolition, to demolish the structures and remediate any environmental problems and develop new infrastructure on the site
$1,097,000 for Fire Island Inlet to Jones Inlet
$1,000,000 for Development of a High Performance Computing System Based on a Modern High Speed Switch Fabric Polytechnic University
$1,000,000 for Military Aircraft Loss of Control Training Research Calspan
$1,000,000 for Medical Surveillance Initiative - Clinical Looking Glass Montefiore Medical Center
$1,000,000 for Microclimate Cooling Unit (MCU) for Military Tactical Vehicles Carleton Technologies, Inc.
$1,000,000 for Multilingual Text Mining Platform For Intelligence Analysis Janya, Inc.
$1,000,000 for No Idle System (NIS) Prestolite Electric, Inc.
$984,000 for Onondaga Lake, NY
$984,000 for One kilowatt biogas fueled solid oxide fuel cell stack (NY)
$984,000 for Nanosystems Initiative at the University of Rochester (NY)
$980,000 for Grand Avenue Improvements
$980,000 for Prospect and Gowanus Expressways ITS Deployment
$926,000 for New School University, for the Institute of Urban Education
$893,000 for New York Center for National Competitiveness in Nanoscale Characterization (NC)3, for a partnership between the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), University at Albany-SUNY
$893,000 for New York Harbor (Prevention of Obstructive Deposit)
$893,000 for Abyssinian Development Corporation programs for at-risk youth, New York, NY
$877,000 for NYU School of Medicine for the basic research and imaging program
$800,000 for Interoperability Network to Fuse and Exchange Real-Time Information Air Force Research Laboratory
$800,000 for Remote Sighting System Legend Technologies
$784,000 for Fort Drum Connector Road
$764,400 for City of Poughkeepsie Transit Hub
$764,400 for Hofstra University's Safe and Sustainable Campus Plan
$764,400 for Replacement Buses for the Westchester County Bee-Line Bus System
$764,400 for Revitalization of redevelopment
$752,000 for Rural Justice Institute at Alfred University
$750,000 for St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY for equipment and technology to support its science, technology, engineering and math initiative
$750,000 for FDR Presidential Library
$738,000 for Bronx River Basin
$738,000 for Mill Seat Landfill Bioreactor Renewable Green Power (NY)
$735,000 for Ferry Infrastructure
$735,000 for New York State Routes 5, 8, 12 Viaduct and Route 5A and 5S
$689,000 for Upper Delaware River Watershed, NY
$689,000 for Water Systems Council WellCare water well owner technical assistance program
$686,000 for Syracuse Neighborhood Initiative for rehabilitation and revitalization of the neighborhoods throughout Syracuse
$682,000 for North General Hospital for construction, renovation and expansion.
$625,100 for Monroe County, NY Crime Lab Computer and Document Forensic and Digital Evidence Module
$625,000 for Grape Genetics, Geneva, NY
$590,000 for Green Visitor Center, Brooklyn Botanic Garden (NY)
$588,000 for Bronx Zoo Intermodal Transportation Facility
$585,000 for Hunter's Hope Foundation for equipment in the Krabbe's disease programs
$585,000 for New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY for cardiac care telemetry
$565,000 for Shinnecock Inlet
$564,000 for The Doe Fund, Inc. Ready, Willing, and Able, NY
$535,800 for City of Buffalo, NY, for a camera system within the City of Buffalo
$521,700 for Kiryas Joel, NY Security Equipment and Emergency Services Technology
$504,000 for Moriches Inlet
$500,000 for City of Buffalo for small business assistance
$500,000 for Advanced Wireless Technologies
$492,000 for NYIT Building Efficiency Demonstration Project (NY)
$492,000 for Auburn Regional Bioenergy Enterprise
$492,000 for Chautauqua County - Methane Gas Utilization Project from landfill at Ellery
$492,000 for The City of Buffalo, Erie County Water Authority for the Ball Pump Station Emergency Power Generation
$492,000 for Urban Research Center and Greenhouse, Brooklyn (NY)
$490,000 for Jamaica Intermodal Facilities
$490,000 for Niagara Falls International Airport improvements
$490,000 for Lincoln Center Corridor Redevelopment Project
$490,000 for Long Island Bus Fleet Replacement
$487,000 for New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY for facilities and equipment
$487,000 for Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, Niagara Falls, NY for facilities and equipment
$487,000 for Brooklyn Public Library, for the Learning Centers
$487,000 for Southampton Hospital, Southampton, NY for facilities and equipment
$487,000 for Hospital for Special Surgery for expansion and modernization of its clinical facilities
$487,000 for Adirondack Medical Center, for facilities and equipment
$487,000 for Hudson Valley Community College, to expand the nursing program
$487,000 for North Country Children's Clinic, Inc for construction and renovation.
$487,000 for Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation, for outreach, patient education, and registries.
$487,000 for Albany Medical Center, Establishment of the Patient Safety Center
$470,000 for Girls, Inc.
$470,000 for Buffalo, NY Law Enforcement Technology
$468,000 for New York City Watershed
$458,640 for Where to Turn, Hands and Hearts, for the construction of a 9/11 living memorial
$458,000 for Bronx River
$451,000 for East Rockaway Inlet
$446,500 for Coalition for the Homeless At-Risk Youth Services Program, New York, NY
$446,500 for Onodaga County, NY, for a County-City Interoperable Communications System
$446,500 for Monroe County Department of Public Safety, for the Fingerprint and Trace module
$446,500 for Abyssinian Development Corporation, New York, NY, to support and expand youth and young adult after-school and summer programs
$438,000 for Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY for a special needs preparedness training program
$430,000 for Great Lakes Remedial Action Plans
$430,000 for Great Lakes Basin Soil and Erosion Control Great Lakes Commission
$429,000 for Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY for facilities and equipment
$419,000 for New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Old Westbury, NY for disease management and patient advocacy programs, including purchase of equipment
$418,000 for Long Island Coastal Planning
$414,000 for St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Utica, NY for facilities and equipment
$402,000 for Human Nutrition, NY
$392,000 for Elmira College for preparation of construction plans to renovate a building
$390,000 for St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation Center, Syracuse, NY for the brain injury program, including facilities and equipment
$390,000 for People, Inc., Williamsville, NY for electronic health records upgrades
$380,000 for Roosevelt Hospital, New York, NY for facilities and equipment
$376,000 for Polytechnic University, NY Large Scale Network Forensics
$368,000 for Apple Fire Blight, MI, NY Cornell University, Michigan State University
$355,000 for Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY for asthma education, counseling, and prevention programs
$343,000 for Ramapo And Mahwah Rivers, Mahway, NJ & Suffern, NY
$341,000 for Alice Hyde Medical Center, for facilities and equipment
$341,000 for Niagara County Community College, Sanborn, NY for equipment
$341,000 for Marymount Manhattan College, New York, NY for a minority teacher preparation initiative
$334,875 for Parents for Megan's Law, for the National Megan's Law Helpline, Crime Victims Center, Advocacy & Counseling program
$324,000 for Glen Cove Creek
$313,000 for Hudson - Raritan Estuary
$312,550 for Nassau County District Attorney's Office, Mineola, NY, for the Redirection Enforcement and Learning program
$312,000 for Nassau University Medical Centers, East Meadow, NY for a minority health institute
$312,000 for Peninsula Hospital Center, New York, NY for health information systems
$312,000 for St. Peter's Hospital Foundation, Albany, NY for facilities and equipment for the St. Peter's Breast Center
$305,760 for Haverstraw Ferry Terminal
$305,500 for John Jay College Criminal Justice Center, NY
$303,150 for Gay Men's Health Crisis, New York, NY, for an anti-meth program
$300,000 for Naval Sea Cadet Corps
$295,000 for The Village of Sydney for water system improvements
$295,000 for Saw Mill River at Elsford/Greenburgh
$295,000 for Mattituck Harbor
$295,000 for The Village of Owego for wastewater treatment facility improvements
$295,000 for SUNY-Oswego Energy Independence (NY)
$294,000 for NFTA, Purchase of Hybrid Buses
$292,000 for St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, NY for technology upgrades
$292,000 for Nassau University Medical Center, East Meadow, NY for substance abuse treatment services
$292,000 for State University of New York at New Paltz, NY for curriculum development in economic development and governance
$292,000 for American Airpower Museum, Farmingdale, NY for exhibits and education programs
$292,000 for United Auto Workers Region 9, Local 624, New York for incumbent worker training
$285,000 for Delaware RVR Comp, NY, NJ, PA, & DE (Watershed Fld. Management)
$282,000 for Brooklyn College Entrepreneurial Center
$282,000 for Buttermilk Channel
$282,000 for LaGuardia Community College, Emerging Designers Unit
$282,000 for Center for Economic Growth, Business Acceleration Program
$282,000 for Buffalo Niagara International Trade Foundation, World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara
$282,000 for BAM Youth and Community Initiatives
$275,000 for Environmental Research, NY
$275,000 for Northern Manhattan Coalition for Economic Development for business outreach center
$263,000 for Long Island Intracoastal Waterway
$258,500 for Sex Offender Alert and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Programs
$250,000 for Mt. Vernon Railroad cut
$247,000 for Establishment of a Second Civil Support Team (CST) in New York State New York National Guard
$246,000 for North Shore of Long Island
$246,000 for Seneca Knitting Mill
$245,000 for Preliminary Design of a Saratoga Bus Facility
$243,000 for Catholic Family Center, for kinship care outreach
$243,000 for Hillside Family of Agencies, Rochester, NY for the Work-Scholarship Connection Youth Employment Training Academy
$243,000 for Institute for Student Achievement (ISA), for the ISA High School Improvement Program
$243,000 for A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital, Oneonta, NY for facilities and equipment
$243,000 for Rochester General Hospital for heart failure equipment and training
$243,000 for Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY for purchase of equipment
$235,000 for Project Intercept, Brooklyn, NY
$234,000 for Atlantic Coast Of NYC, East Rockaway Inlet to Rockaway & Jamaica Bay, NY
$220,500 for Staten Island Passenger Rail Service Study
$211,500 for Capital District Women's Bar Association Domestic Violence, Civil Legal Assistance, and Military Families legal project
$211,000 for Hudson - Raritan Estuary, Gowanus Canal
$196,000 for Community Church of Christ, Sean Bell Memorial Field of Dreams, Community Youth Center, 167-04 108th Ave, for securing a site and/or purchasing a building for the Sean Bell Memorial Field of Dreams, Community Youth Center
$196,000 for North Main Street Corridor Master Plan
$196,000 for St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Inc., Regional Rural Broadband Expansion, to expand broadband access to rural areas
$196,000 for The Civic Center of Moreau, Inc., The Moreau Community Center, Campaign to Establish the New Regional Community Center at Moreau, for the construction of the Regional Community Center at Moreau which will provide dramatically improved educational, recreational, and community service facilities as well as substantial economic development
$196,000 for Unity House of Troy Inc. for renovation and build out of an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence
$196,000 for Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty for planning, design, construction, renovation, and build out of affordable housing
$196,000 for Armory District Revitalization Planning, NY, for planning and design efforts within the City's Armory District to aid in the redevelopment of this deteriorating corridor
$196,000 for City of Albany, WiFi service public access to technology project
$196,000 for City of Buffalo, for the construction and renovation of the Buffalo Urban Art Center
$196,000 for Capital District YMCA, construction of a new YMCA at the side of a brownfield
$195,000 for Putnam Hospital Center, Carmel, NY for facilities and equipment
$195,000 for Purchase College, State of University of New York, Purchase, NY, for science and math education programs, including teacher preparation programs
$195,000 for Mercy Hospital, Buffalo, NY for facilities and equipment.
$195,000 for Benedictine Hospital, for health information systems
$188,000 for Nassau County, NY District Attorney's Office, Get REAL Anti-Gang Initiative
$188,000 for A Child is Missing
$188,000 for Alianza Dominicana Inc. programs for at risk youth, New York, NY
$188,000 for Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy at York College
$185,000 for Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY for the New American's Center
$178,600 for Mother Cabrini High School, New York, NY, for an after school program for at-risk youth
$178,600 for American Ballet Theatre, New York, NY, for the Make a Ballet On Tour program
$178,600 for City of Glen Cove, NY
$178,600 for Rochester Institute of Technology, Integrated Sensing Systems Testbed for advanced techniques for situational awareness
$178,600 for John Jay College, for the Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies
$173,900 for Phoenix House, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY
$166,600 for Brooklyn Children's Museum for renovation and construction
$164,500 for Albany PAL After School Club for at risk youth, Albany, NY
$160,000 for Environmental Risk Factors/Cancer, NY
$152,880 for City of Rochester, Rochester Lead Hazard Prevention Program, to enhance lead hazard assessments, inspections, remediation training and outreach to expedite lead hazard remediation in public housing
$147,000 for Hudson Guild Fulton Center for construction, renovation, and build out of a community services center for seniors
$147,000 for Louis Armstrong House Museum, for design and construction of a visitor's center
$147,000 for Helen Keller Services for the Blind for renovation and construction of a recreational facility for handicapped children
$147,000 for Town of North Hempstead for renovation, construction, and build out of two community recreation recreational centers
$146,000 for Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State University of New York at New Paltz, NY for exhibits and programs
$146,000 for American Ballet Theatre, New York, NY for educational activities
$146,000 for Village of Kiryas Joel, for equipment for a women's health center.
$146,000 for Abyssinian Development Corporation, to support and expand youth and family displacement prevention programs
$142,000 for Pace University Land Use Law Center, NY
$141,000 for Harlem RBI, Inc. Delinquency Prevention, New York, NY
$141,000 for Flushing Bay and Creek
$141,000 for Great South Bay
$139,000 for Wood Biomass as an Alternative Farm Product, NY
$136,000 for Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY for health information systems
$122,500 for Hudson Opera House, Inc. for renovation of the Historic Hudson Opera House Arts Community Center
$121,000 for Morris Heights Health Center, Inc., Bronx, NY for facilities and equipment
$113,000 for Lake Montauk Harbor
$107,000 for Montauk Point
$100,000 for Upper Susquehanna River Basin Environ Rest, Cooperstown
$98,000 for Strand Theater Performing Arts Center for restoration of the 1924 Vaudeville theater to create a performing arts center
$98,000 for South Shore of Staten Island
$98,000 for Susquehanna River Environmental Restoration
$98,000 for Lake Montauk Harbor
$98,000 for Design & Construction of Glen Cove Connector Road
$98,000 for North Shore of Long Island
$98,000 for Murray Athletic Center
$98,000 for Flushing Bay and Creek
$97,000 for Alfred University, Alfred, NY for a graduate school psychologist training program
$97,000 for Helene Fuld College of Nursing for construction, renovations and equipment.
$97,000 for Hillside Family of Agencies, Rochester, NY for the Hillside Children's Center for adoption services
$97,000 for Hudson Headwaters Health Network, Inc., Glens Falls, NY for health information systems
$97,000 for State University of New York at Potsdam, Potsdam, NY for teacher training initiatives
$97,000 for Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, NY for digitalization of collections and related activities
$94,000 for Portchester Harbor
$94,000 for City of Buffalo, NY, Youth Violence Prevention and Intervention Program
$94,000 for Community and Schools Together Project, Huntington Station, NY
$94,000 for AIDS council of Northeastern New York At-Risk Youth Prevention Education Initiative, Albany, NY
$89,300 for Family and Children's Association, Mineola, NY, for the Hagedorn-Hempstead Initiative
$89,300 for County of Westchester, NY, for surveillance and video equipment
$75,000 for Westchester Creek
$75,000 for Eastchester Creek
$75,000 for Hudson River Channel
$49,000 for Aquatic Plant Control - Lake Chautaqua
$47,000 for Covenant House Regional Training Center Program, Brooklyn, NY
$47,000 for Albany, NY Teen Challenge At-Risk Youth drug prevention outreach
$47,000 for Mother Cabrini High School POWER Program, New York, NY
$47,000 for YMCA of Greater New York
$47,000 for Greenburgh, NY drug Court Program
$23,000 for Great Kills Harbor
$0 for Chenango Lake
$0 for Mud Creek, Great South Bay
$0 for Gerritsen Creek
$0 for Smokes Creek
$0 for Spring Creek
$0 for North Port Harbor
$0 for Soundview Park, Bronx, NY
$0 for Lower Hempstead Harbor
$0 for Big Brothers/Big Sisters
$0 for Manhasset Bay
$0 for The Self Reliance Foundation, Washington, DC, Hispanic education program targeted for at-risk youth to prevent gang involvement.