Earmarks requested by Rep. Chris Murphy

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$9,000,000 for Permanent Magnet Motor
$4,922,000 for Long Island Sound Program
$4,000,000 for National Transportation Security Center of Excellence
$4,000,000 for Soldier Portable Solid Fuel Hydrogen Generator Cartridge Defense Company
$3,200,000 for DoD Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cell Medium/Heavy Duty Vehicle Demonstration Program UTC Power
$3,200,000 for 1 Megawatt Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Demonstrator at 29 Palms FuelCell Energy, Inc.
$3,000,000 for Vanadium Safely Readiness Bear Metallurgical; Strategic Minerals Corporation; Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center; Metallurg Vanadium
$1,870,000 for Center of Excellence for Vaccine Research, Storrs, CT
$1,723,000 for Highlands Conservation Act (CT, NJ, NY, PA)
$1,600,000 for Terahertz Spectrometer Technology Goodrich Corporation Optical & Space Systems
$984,000 for Bipolar Wafer Cell NiMH Lithium Ion Battery (CT)
$800,000 for Oxygen Generator GINER Inc.; TREADWELL Corporation
$758,000 for Skiff Mountain phase II
$738,000 for Connecticut Biodiesel Power Generator (CT)
$735,000 for U.S. 44 Improvements
$689,000 for Water Systems Council WellCare water well owner technical assistance program
$634,500 for New Britain, CT Interoperable Public Safety Information System
$540,500 for Klingberg Family Centers Delinquency Prevention Initiative, New Haven, CT
$536,000 for Saint Mary's Hospital Inc. for construction, renovation and equipment.
$492,000 for The Town of Wolcott for Storm Drainage and Other Infrastructure
$490,000 for Fall Mountain Water Road Paving
$490,000 for West Main Street Streetscape
$400,000 for Solid-State DC Protection System (SSDCP) DRS Power Technology Inc.
$331,000 for Klingberg Family Centers, Inc., for equipment associated with the Special Education Enhancement Initiative
$294,000 for City of Waterbury for demolition of abandoned structures as part of a redevelopment plan
$268,000 for Family and Children's Aid, Danbury, CT for facilities and equipment for the Harmony Center
$245,000 for Warner Theatre, for renovation, construction and build out of the theater
$243,000 for Amistad America, New Haven, CT for the Atlantic Freedom Tour of the Amistad educational programs
$235,200 for Torrington Gateway
$205,800 for Prime Time House, for renovation and construction of a community services facility
$195,000 for City of Waterbury, CT for a health access program
$147,000 for Simsbury Public Library, for renovation and build out
$147,000 for Naugatuck River Greenway Design Study
$133,950 for Connecticut State University, greater awareness of mechanical engineering and aerospace disciplines to disadvantaged high school students
$121,000 for Family Services of Greater Waterbury, Waterbury, CT for the outpatient counseling/psychiatric program
$121,000 for Greater New Britain Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Inc., New Britain, CT for the Pathways/Senderos Center for education and outreach
$121,000 for Prime Time House, Inc., Torrington, CT for mental health services
$98,000 for Tri-State Center for the Arts, for renovation, construction and build out of the arts facility