Interest Group Alignment of Rep. Donna Edwards

1Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)100% (1/1 votes)
2ALS Association100% (1/1 votes)
3American Association of People with Disabilities100% (1/1 votes)
4Partnership for Pubic Service100% (1/1 votes)
5American Society of Civil Engineers100% (1/1 votes)
6National Women's Law Center100% (1/1 votes)
7National Committee on Pay Equity100% (1/1 votes)
8United States Ombudsman Association100% (1/1 votes)
9ALS Hope Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
10Senior Executives Association100% (1/1 votes)
11American Academy of Pediatrics100% (1/1 votes)
12American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)100% (1/1 votes)
13American Dental Education Association100% (1/1 votes)
14American Legion100% (1/1 votes)
15International Association of Fire Chiefs100% (1/1 votes)
16WAGE Project100% (1/1 votes)
17National League of Cities100% (1/1 votes)
18American Heart Association50% (1/2 votes)

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