Interest Group Alignment of Ed Case

1The Consumers Union100% (1/1 votes)
2World Shipping Council100% (1/1 votes)
3Consumer Federation of America100% (1/1 votes)
4Professional Airways Systems Specialists, AFL-CIO100% (1/1 votes)
5American Jewish Congress100% (1/1 votes)
6Coca-Cola Company100% (1/1 votes)
7National Collegiate Athletic Association100% (1/1 votes)
8American Farm Bureau Federation100% (1/1 votes)
9Major Cities Chiefs100% (1/1 votes)
10Amateur Athletic Union100% (1/1 votes)
11National Alliance of Independent Mortgage Bankers/Lenders One100% (1/1 votes)
12National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials100% (1/1 votes)
13Friends Committee on National Legislation100% (1/1 votes)
14AMVETS100% (1/1 votes)
15Center for Individual Freedom100% (1/1 votes)
16COMPTEL100% (1/1 votes)
17The XPrize Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
18Arlington National Cemetary100% (1/1 votes)
19Institute for Public Affairs100% (1/1 votes)
20Common Cause100% (1/1 votes)
21The Interfaith Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
22American Forest and Paper Association100% (1/1 votes)
23The American Center for Law and Justice100% (1/1 votes)
24Google100% (1/1 votes)
25Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America100% (1/1 votes)
26The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies100% (1/1 votes)
27Asian Real Estate Association of America100% (1/1 votes)
28The World Wildlife Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
29Taxpayers for Common Sense100% (1/1 votes)
30National Coordianting Committee for Multiemployer Plans100% (1/1 votes)
31Wisconsin Association of PEG Access Channels100% (1/1 votes)
32International Center for Automotive Research100% (1/1 votes)
33U.S. Bureau of Reclamation100% (1/1 votes)
34Boeing Company100% (1/1 votes)
35Save Access100% (1/1 votes)
36National Association of Real Estate Brokers100% (1/1 votes)
37National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling100% (1/1 votes)
38National Football League100% (1/1 votes)
39National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals100% (1/1 votes)
40American Public Transportation Association100% (1/1 votes)
41Million Mom March California Chapter100% (1/1 votes)
42Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership100% (1/1 votes)
43International Association of Chiefs of Police.100% (1/1 votes)
44SaveOurEnvironment.org100% (1/1 votes)
45American Bankers Association100% (1/1 votes)
46National Council of State Housing Agencies100% (1/1 votes)
47Free Press100% (1/1 votes)
48National Housing Conference100% (1/1 votes)
49The Sierra Club100% (1/1 votes)
50National Legislative Service Veterans of Foreign Wars100% (1/1 votes)
51Shell Hydrogen LLC100% (1/1 votes)
52The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents100% (1/1 votes)
53The Navajo Nation100% (1/1 votes)
54National Center for Missing and Exploited Children100% (1/1 votes)
55National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies100% (1/1 votes)
56The National Association of Realtors100% (1/1 votes)
57Citizens Against Government Waste100% (1/1 votes)
58National Association of Home Builders100% (1/1 votes)
59Occidental Petroleum Corporation100% (1/1 votes)
60Mayors Against Illegal Guns100% (1/1 votes)
61National Association of Community Health Centers100% (1/1 votes)
62Vietnam Veterans of America100% (1/1 votes)
63Fluor Corporation100% (1/1 votes)
64The Marine-Corps USA100% (1/1 votes)
65North American Port Association100% (1/1 votes)
66National Indian Gaming Association100% (1/1 votes)
67American Shareholders Association100% (1/1 votes)
68Qualcomm, Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
69National Foreign Trade Council100% (1/1 votes)
70American Academy of Family Physicians100% (1/1 votes)
71The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America100% (1/1 votes)
72The American Israel Public Affairs Committee100% (1/1 votes)
73Disabled American Veterans100% (1/1 votes)
74Trade Association of Trucking Industry Employers100% (1/1 votes)
75Lucile Packard Children's Hospital100% (1/1 votes)
76American International Group100% (1/1 votes)
77National Council of Youth Sports100% (1/1 votes)
78The Patriotic Gaurd100% (1/1 votes)
79Partnership for America100% (1/1 votes)
80Sun-Times News Group100% (1/1 votes)
81International Brotherhood of Police Officers100% (1/1 votes)
82Citizens for Global Solutions100% (1/1 votes)
83Food Marketing Institute100% (1/1 votes)
84Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland100% (1/1 votes)
85The Blinded Veterans Association100% (1/1 votes)
86Dow Chemical Company100% (1/1 votes)
87Center for Biological Diversity100% (1/1 votes)
88Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO100% (1/1 votes)
89National Federation of State High School Associations100% (1/1 votes)
90American Civil Liberties Union50% (1/2 votes)
91The American Legion50% (1/2 votes)
92The Wilderness Society33% (1/3 votes)

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Bill data comes from GovTrack. Interest group data comes from MAPLight.org.