Earmarks requested by Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$138,000,000 for Peer Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program
$32,485,000 for Civic Education Program (Center for Civic Education and National Council on Economic Education) It is also for a comprehensive program between the Center for Civic Education, Indiana University and NCSL to improve public education of the congress and state legislatures.
$24,000,000 for Industrial Base Innovation Fund
$24,000,000 for National Writing Project, a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes K–16 teacher training programs in the effective teaching of writing.
$13,600,000 for Readiness Center (Army Division Redesign Study)
$11,900,000 for Waterfront Operations Small Craft Facility
$9,000,000 for Permanent Magnet Motor
$8,000,000 for High Performance Manufacturing Technology Initiative
$8,000,000 for University Research Initiatives
$8,000,000 for University Research Initiative
$8,000,000 for Disruptive Manufacturing Technology Initiative
$8,000,000 for University Research Initiatives
$7,580,000 for National Rural Water Association
$7,000,000 for Procurement Technical Assistance Centers
$6,000,000 for Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS)
$5,609,000 for Norwalk Harbor Dredging Initiative
$5,000,000 for Metals Affordability Initiative
$5,000,000 for Undersea Launched Missile Study
$4,922,000 for Long Island Sound Program
$4,330,000 for North Cove Harbor
$4,307,100 for Bridgeport Intermodal Center
$4,020,000 for Stamford Mill River Restoration
$4,000,000 for Soldier Portable Solid Fuel Hydrogen Generator Cartridge Defense Company
$3,271,632 for New Britain-Hartford Busway
$3,200,000 for Advanced Research and Development of Hemostatic Agents Z Medica
$3,200,000 for DoD Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cell Medium/Heavy Duty Vehicle Demonstration Program UTC Power
$3,200,000 for Twinline Thinline Submarine Towed Array Chesapeake Sciences Corp.
$3,200,000 for 1 Megawatt Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Demonstrator at 29 Palms FuelCell Energy, Inc.
$3,000,000 for Regenerative Fuel Cell System for Silent Camp Operations
$3,000,000 for Universal Control - Full Authority Digital Engine Controls Goodrich Pump & Engine Controls
$2,400,000 for Photovoltaic Solar Cell Encapsulant Domestic Production Center Specialized Technology Resources
$2,400,000 for Synthetic Malaria Vaccine VaxInnate
$2,000,000 for National Center for Integrated Civilian-Military Domestic Disaster Medical Response Yale-New Haven Hospital Systems
$2,000,000 for Future Medical Shelter System (FMSS) Mobile Medical International Corp.
$2,000,000 for High Temperature Ceramic Manufacturing Technology for Helicopter Rotor Blade Erosion Protection
$2,000,000 for High Temperature Ceramic Manufacturing Technology for Helicopter Rotor Blade Erosion Protection Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
$2,000,000 for Bi-Polar Wafer-cell Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
$2,000,000 for UAV-Resupply Burro Kaman Aerospace Corp.
$1,969,800 for Norwich Intermodal Transportation Center
$1,969,000 for Silvio Conte National Wildlife Refuge
$1,950,500 for Hartford, CT Public Safety Equipment
$1,723,000 for Highlands Conservation Act (CT, NJ, NY, PA)
$1,600,000 for Copper Air Quality Program Olin Corporation; University of Iowa Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center; Luvata Franklin
$1,600,000 for VDVP for UAV/UCAV Aircraft Engines
$1,600,000 for Terahertz Spectrometer Technology Goodrich Corporation Optical & Space Systems
$1,600,000 for Deployment of Affordable Guided Airdrop System
$1,600,000 for One Soul; Holocaust Education Exhibit
$1,600,000 for Coastal Airship Surveillance Demonstrator Airship Management Services Inc.
$1,476,000 for Stamford Waste-to-Energy Project (CT)
$1,316,000 for City of Norwalk, CT
$1,313,200 for Redevelopment of Front Street and Constitution Way
$1,313,200 for Southeastern Connecticut Bus Rapid Transit System
$1,000,000 for ACES II Ejection Seat Improvement Goodrich Corporation, Aircraft Interior Products
$1,000,000 for Multi-purpose Biodefense Immunoarray
$984,000 for Bipolar Wafer Cell NiMH Lithium Ion Battery (CT)
$980,000 for La Raza HOPE Fund for capitalization of a revolving loan fund to be used for nationwide communitv development activities
$800,000 for Oxygen Generator GINER Inc.; TREADWELL Corporation
$758,000 for Skiff Mountain phase II
$738,000 for Bridgeport Harbor Dredging
$738,000 for Connecticut Energy Savings Technology Project (CT)
$699,000 for Stewart B. McKinney NRWR - Menunketesuck Salt Meadow Marsh
$658,000 for The Paul and Lisa Program, Essex, CT
$656,600 for Pedestrian Plaza improvements at the Connecticut Science Center
$588,000 for West Haven Intermodal Station
$540,500 for Klingberg Family Centers Delinquency Prevention Initiative, New Haven, CT
$536,000 for Saint Mary's Hospital Inc. for construction, renovation and equipment.
$492,450 for Empower New Haven, Brownfield's redevelopment initiative, Redevelopment of a commercial venture and economic catalyst program
$492,000 for The City of Stamford for Stormwater and Wastewater Infrastructure
$490,000 for South Norwalk Intermodal Facility, Phase 2
$490,000 for Fall Mountain Water Road Paving
$490,000 for Intermodal Center
$487,000 for Action for Bridgeport Community Development, Inc., Bridgeport, CT for teacher training programs
$470,000 for Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science Cold Case Center, University of New Haven, CT
$446,500 for Courage to Speak Foundation, County of Fairfield, CT, for a drug abuse prevention program
$427,000 for Food Marketing Policy Center, CT
$401,850 for Advanced Undersea Vehicle, for an advanced undersea mapping sonar, Mystic Aquarium--Institute for Exploration
$376,000 for New Haven, CT Police Department Gunshot Location System
$352,500 for Southington, CT Police Mobile Command Post Technology
$341,432 for City of Milford, for the rehabilitation of Eisenhower Park
$341,000 for Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, CT for facilities and equipment
$331,000 for Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies, for the Empowering People for Success (EPS) initiative
$331,000 for Klingberg Family Centers, Inc., for equipment associated with the Special Education Enhancement Initiative
$331,000 for Connecticut State University, nursing education programs
$314,000 for NE Center for Invasive Plants, CT, VT, ME
$312,550 for City of Hartford, Hartford, CT, for a program to provide summer employment opportunities and job training for teens
$312,550 for City of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT, for a summer and after-school program for youth
$300,000 for Women's Business Development Center
$300,000 for Naval Sea Cadet Corps
$298,000 for Connecticut Oyster Fisheries
$295,000 for The City of Southington for wellhead cleanup
$295,000 for The Town of Enfield for sanitary sewer inflow elimination project
$292,000 for Manchester Memorial Hospital, Manchester, CT for facilities and equipment
$282,000 for Sea Research Foundation After-School Program for at risk Youth
$245,000 for Atlantic Rail Underpass and Road Realignment Project
$243,000 for Amistad America, New Haven, CT for the Atlantic Freedom Tour of the Amistad educational programs
$243,000 for Asnuntuck Community College, Enfield, CT for manufacturing technology training programs, which may include equipment and technology
$229,810 for North Main Street Streetscape Enhancements
$223,250 for Henry Lee Institute for Forensic Science, for equipment and other costs for the National Forensic Crisis Management and Investigation Center
$223,250 for City of Norwalk, CT, for interoperability equipment
$223,250 for Town of Widham, Town of Widham, CT, for equipment upgrades at the Town of Windham's Public Safety Complex
$223,250 for City of Bridgeport, CT, for the purchase and installation of six wireless surveillance cameras
$204,000 for Our Piece of the Pie, Hartford, CT for social outreach services to grandparents raising teenagers.
$196,000 for Town of Vernon, Amberbelle Mill Historic Restoration Initiative, for exterior and interior upgrades to the historic Amberbelle Mill facility
$196,000 for The Children's Home Residential Facility Improvement Initiative, for the redesign of residential facilities
$196,000 for Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance Blight Removal, for activities associated the acquisition, removal, and redevelopment of blighted properties
$196,000 for Town of Manchester for renovation and build out of the Spruce Street Youth Center
$195,000 for City of Waterbury, CT for a health access program
$187,000 for Bridgeport Environmental Infrastructure
$149,000 for Bioenergy, CT University of Connecticut
$147,000 for Simsbury Public Library, for renovation and build out
$147,000 for Norwalk Pulse Point Facility Safety Improvements
$146,000 for Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, Woodbridge, CT to develop, test, evaluate, and disseminate an innovative community-based approach to caregiver support services
$133,950 for Connecticut State University, greater awareness of mechanical engineering and aerospace disciplines to disadvantaged high school students
$98,000 for Connecticut River Basin Watershed Study, CT, MA, NH
$98,000 for Town of Enfield for streetscape improvements and ADA compliance on North Main Street
$98,000 for Southington Water Supply Study, Connecticut
$97,000 for Connecticut Historical Society Museum, Hartford, CT for educational programs and interactive school programs at the Old State House
$94,000 for City of Stamford, CT
$93,000 for Patchogue River
$0 for Economic order quantity
$0 for Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), Washington, DC, For national anti-sexual assault programs.