Earmarks requested by John E. Sununu

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$138,000,000 for Peer Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program
$8,900,000 for Wing Headquarters Operations and Training Facility
$6,000,000 for SOVAS Handheld Imager
$6,000,000 for Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS)
$3,200,000 for Mission Helmet Recording System
$3,200,000 for Fleece Insulating Liners for Extended Cold Weather Clothing System, Generation III (ECWCS GEN III) Malden Mills Industries
$3,200,000 for Multi-Colored Infrared Sensors
$3,120,000 for Fusion Goggle System [FGS]
$3,000,000 for SU-232 Thermal Sight
$2,800,000 for DAIRCM/CMWS for Army Helicopters
$2,400,000 for Multi-User Panoramic Synthetic Vision System
$2,400,000 for 2D-3D Face Recognition System
$2,400,000 for Next Generation Combat Helmet
$2,400,000 for Light Vehicle Intercom System
$2,400,000 for Hybrid Bearings
$2,400,000 for Cold Weather Layering System Malden Mills; Peckham Vocational Industries
$2,343,000 for Ossipee Pine Barrens
$1,969,000 for Silvio Conte National Wildlife Refuge
$1,700,000 for Advanced Threat Alert Advanced Technology Demonstration
$1,600,000 for Carbon Nanotube Armor Protection System
$1,600,000 for MK Mod2 Anti-Submarine Warfare Training System Granite State Manufacturing
$1,600,000 for Advanced Volume Sensor System
$1,600,000 for ChemBio Integrated Material for Tent Structures
$1,200,000 for Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Applications Center Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute
$1,200,000 for Swimmer Detection Sonar Network Scientific Solutions, Inc
$1,200,000 for Collective Aperture Multi-Band Sensor System
$1,200,000 for Dry Dock #3 Waterfront Support Facility
$1,000,000 for Remote Controlled Surveillance Sonar System (RCSSS)
$574,000 for Saint Joseph's Hospital for the Patient Focused Technology Initiative
$490,000 for Easter Seals New Hampshire, Flood Repair and Renovation Project, for reconstruction and renovation of Easter Seals New Hampshire building
$360,000 for Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, for equipment.
$343,000 for Harbor Homes, Inc., Veterans Center, Buckingham Place, to provide transitional housing and support services for homeless veterans
$330,000 for University of New Hampshire, expansion of business and high technology academic programs
$311,000 for Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Manchester, NH for training of nurses, physician assistants, and pharmacists
$295,000 for The City of Greenfield for wastewater treatment project
$295,000 for Wastewater and water quality protection project
$294,000 for Town of Colebrook, Mohawk River Retaining Wall, repair retaining wall and two water mains along the Mohawk River
$247,000 for New Hampshire Community Technical College System, to expand and modernize engineering technology programs
$94,000 for New Hampshire Volunteer Lake Assessment Program, for evaluation of quality of lakes and ponds in NH through trained volunteer program
$0 for Advanced Strap-down Seeker
$0 for Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge - Mollidgewock Brook