Interest Group Alignment of Rep. Kenny E. Marchant

1National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies100% (1/1 votes)
2Americans for Truth100% (1/1 votes)
3Veterans of Foreign Wars100% (1/1 votes)
4American Meat Institute100% (1/1 votes)
5American Conservative Union100% (1/1 votes)
6American Feed Industry Association100% (1/1 votes)
7Qualcomm, Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
8The American WildHorse Preservation Campaign100% (1/1 votes)
9Klymazzation Motorsports100% (1/1 votes)
10ALS Association100% (2/2 votes)
11National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association100% (1/1 votes)
12Food Marketing Institute100% (1/1 votes)
13Council of Environmental Deans and Directors100% (1/1 votes)
14The Patriotic Gaurd100% (1/1 votes)
15International Dairy Foods Association100% (2/2 votes)
16Boeing Company100% (1/1 votes)
17American Public Health Association100% (1/1 votes)
18National Society of Genetic Counselors100% (1/1 votes)
19One Sky Center100% (1/1 votes)
20The Blinded Veterans Association100% (1/1 votes)
21The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies100% (1/1 votes)
22Campaign for America's Wilderness100% (2/2 votes)
23National Association of Convenience Stores100% (1/1 votes)
24Coca-Cola Company100% (1/1 votes)
25Blue Diamond Growers100% (1/1 votes)
26National Collegiate Athletic Association100% (1/1 votes)
27Mason Contractors Association of America100% (2/2 votes)
28Kids in Danger100% (1/1 votes)
29Mining Professors100% (1/1 votes)
30United States Students Association100% (1/1 votes)
31Texas Alliance of Energy Producers100% (1/1 votes)
32The National Association of Manufacturers100% (1/1 votes)
33American Counseling Association100% (1/1 votes)
34The Council of Graduate Schools100% (2/2 votes)
35Brain Injury Association of America100% (1/1 votes)
36National Sunflower Association100% (1/1 votes)
37Computer and Communications Industry Association100% (1/1 votes)
38Sun-Times News Group100% (1/1 votes)
39Anti-Defamation League100% (1/1 votes)
40National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors100% (1/1 votes)
41American Insurance Association100% (1/1 votes)
42National Cotton Council100% (2/2 votes)
43America Israel Public Affairs Committee100% (1/1 votes)
44West Virginia Coal Association100% (1/1 votes)
45Genetic Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
46The Retired Enlisted Assocation; Chapter 115100% (1/1 votes)
47The Center for Victims of Torture100% (1/1 votes)
48American Forest and Paper Association100% (1/1 votes)
49The HSA Coalition100% (1/1 votes)
50National Grain and Feed Association100% (2/2 votes)
51Motion Picture Association of America100% (1/1 votes)
52National Workrights Institute100% (1/1 votes)
53World Chiropractic Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
54Coalition for Genetic Fairness100% (1/1 votes)
55American Society of Association Executives100% (1/1 votes)
56The National Petrochemical & Refiners Association100% (1/1 votes)
57National Center for Public Policy Research100% (1/1 votes)
58National Sheriffs' Association100% (1/1 votes)
59Veterans and Military Families for Progress100% (1/1 votes)
60Dow Chemical Company100% (1/1 votes)
61National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF)100% (1/1 votes)
62National Football League100% (1/1 votes)
63Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association100% (2/2 votes)
64Trade Association of Trucking Industry Employers100% (1/1 votes)
65Bryan Cunningham100% (1/1 votes)
66American Farm Bureau Federation100% (2/2 votes)
67National Alliance of Independent Mortgage Bankers/Lenders One100% (1/1 votes)
68Susan B. Anthony List100% (2/2 votes)
69Air Force Sergeants Association Division 610100% (2/2 votes)
70National Right to Work100% (1/1 votes)
71Catholics for the Common Good100% (1/1 votes)
72Steel Shipping Container Institute100% (1/1 votes)
73FreedomWorks100% (4/4 votes)
74American Stockholders Association100% (1/1 votes)
75Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America100% (1/1 votes)
76Save Darfur100% (1/1 votes)
77Senior Executives Association100% (1/1 votes)
78National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors100% (3/3 votes)
79International Franchise Association100% (2/2 votes)
80Sarah Lawrence College100% (1/1 votes)
81Evolution Benefits100% (1/1 votes)
82The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses100% (1/1 votes)
83The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-United States of America100% (2/2 votes)
84National Automobile Dealers Association100% (1/1 votes)
85National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals100% (1/1 votes)
86The Society of the Plastics Industry100% (1/1 votes)
87American Petroleum Institute100% (1/1 votes)
88Coalition of Journalists for Open Government100% (1/1 votes)
89The Club for Growth100% (2/2 votes)
90The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials - International100% (1/1 votes)
91Department of Transportation100% (1/1 votes)
92California Association of Mortgage Brokers100% (1/1 votes)
93National Council of La Raza (NCLR)100% (1/1 votes)
94The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund100% (1/1 votes)
95National Housing Conference100% (1/1 votes)
96Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology100% (1/1 votes)
97Vietnamese American Democratic Club100% (1/1 votes)
98National Business Group on Health100% (1/1 votes)
99Healthcare Distribution Management Association100% (1/1 votes)
100The American Bankers Association100% (1/1 votes)
101National Confectioners Association100% (1/1 votes)
102United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters100% (1/1 votes)
103American Association of Kidney Patients100% (1/1 votes)
104Refugees International100% (1/1 votes)
105The American Israel Public Affairs Committee100% (2/2 votes)
106Asian Real Estate Association of America100% (1/1 votes)
107ScholarPoint Financial Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
108The Conservative Caucus100% (1/1 votes)
109Aetna100% (1/1 votes)
110Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute100% (1/1 votes)
111National Disability Rights Network100% (1/1 votes)
112People Over Profits100% (1/1 votes)
113Eastern States Coal Associatons100% (1/1 votes)
114The American Center for Law and Justice100% (1/1 votes)
115U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops100% (1/1 votes)
116Business Software Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
117NORPAC100% (1/1 votes)
118Hispanic Assocation of Colleges and Universities100% (1/1 votes)
119Feminist Majority100% (1/1 votes)
120American Highway Users Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
121Independent Electrical Contractors100% (1/1 votes)
122National Glass Association100% (1/1 votes)
123The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering100% (2/2 votes)
124National Council of State Housing Agencies100% (1/1 votes)
125Oncology Nursing Society (ONS)100% (1/1 votes)
126Lutherans Concerned/ North America100% (1/1 votes)
127Affymetrix100% (1/1 votes)
128North American Port Association100% (1/1 votes)
129Institute for Public Affairs100% (1/1 votes)
130The Telecommunications Industry Association100% (1/1 votes)
131Bill of Rights Defense Committee100% (2/2 votes)
132UST Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
133Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston100% (1/1 votes)
134Japanese American Citizens League100% (1/1 votes)
135The Appalachian Mountain Club100% (2/2 votes)
136National Education Organization100% (1/1 votes)
137The Arc of the United States100% (1/1 votes)
138Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)100% (1/1 votes)
139Reserve Officers Association100% (1/1 votes)
140The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents100% (1/1 votes)
141Society for Animal Protective Legislation100% (1/1 votes)
142Americans United for Change100% (1/1 votes)
143Veterans & Military Families for Progress100% (3/3 votes)
144FinAid!100% (1/1 votes)
145US Conference of Catholic Bishops100% (1/1 votes)
146U.S. Department of Housing and urban Development100% (1/1 votes)
147Advanced Physical Medicine Center100% (1/1 votes)
148Iron Mining Association of Minnesota100% (1/1 votes)
149Partnership for Pubic Service100% (1/1 votes)
150Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers100% (1/1 votes)
151Amalgamated Transit Union100% (1/1 votes)
152Brown University100% (1/1 votes)
153Credit Union National Association, Inc100% (1/1 votes)
154National Taxpayers Union100% (2/2 votes)
155National industrial Sand Association100% (1/1 votes)
156American Apparel and Footwear Association100% (1/1 votes)
157International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA)100% (1/1 votes)
158National Association of Realtors (NAR)100% (1/1 votes)
159Focus on the Family100% (1/1 votes)
160David B. Rivkin, Jr.100% (1/1 votes)
161Genocide Intervention Network100% (1/1 votes)
162National Council of Youth Sports100% (1/1 votes)
163Fluor Corporation100% (1/1 votes)
164NumbersUSA100% (1/1 votes)
165Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors - National Association100% (1/1 votes)
166Partnership for America100% (1/1 votes)
167Center for Individual Freedom100% (1/1 votes)
168Union of Concerned Scientists100% (2/2 votes)
169America's Student Loan Providers100% (2/2 votes)
170American Shareholders Association100% (2/2 votes)
171Sunlight Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
172North American Brain Injury Society100% (1/1 votes)
173Institute for Higher Education Policy100% (1/1 votes)
174American Academy of Family Physicians100% (2/2 votes)
175Time Warner100% (1/1 votes)
176American College of Cardiology100% (1/1 votes)
177National Gay and Lesbian Task Force100% (1/1 votes)
178United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America100% (1/1 votes)
179Printing Industies of America100% (1/1 votes)
180The Association for Manufacturing Technology100% (1/1 votes)
181American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network100% (1/1 votes)
182Freedom Works100% (1/1 votes)
183Council for Citizens Against Government Waste100% (4/4 votes)
184American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering100% (1/1 votes)
185United States Ombudsman Association100% (1/1 votes)
186National Public Employer Labor Relations Association100% (1/1 votes)
187Eagle Forum100% (1/1 votes)
188The XPrize Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
189Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland100% (1/1 votes)
190Save the Children100% (1/1 votes)
191American Farm Bureau100% (1/1 votes)
192Citizens Against Government Waste100% (2/2 votes)
193National Legislative Service Veterans of Foreign Wars100% (1/1 votes)
194Newspaper Association of America100% (1/1 votes)
195International Peace Operations Association100% (1/1 votes)
196The National Association of Convenience Stores100% (2/2 votes)
197Association of Food Industries100% (1/1 votes)
198Industrial Minerals Association--North America100% (2/2 votes)
199Democracy 21100% (1/1 votes)
200Safe Kids Worldwide100% (1/1 votes)
201Interfaith Worker Justice100% (1/1 votes)
202National Security Agency100% (1/1 votes)
203Arlington National Cemetary100% (1/1 votes)
204TechNet100% (1/1 votes)
205National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials100% (1/1 votes)
206The National Federation of Independent Business100% (1/1 votes)
207Blackwater USA100% (1/1 votes)
208The Marine-Corps USA100% (1/1 votes)
209Traditional Values Coalition100% (2/2 votes)
210Campaign for Environmental Literacy100% (1/1 votes)
211Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston.100% (1/1 votes)
212National Association of Manufacturers100% (4/4 votes)
213National Center for Missing and Exploited Children100% (1/1 votes)
214The Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers Association100% (1/1 votes)
215Alaska Miners Association100% (1/1 votes)
216United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)100% (1/1 votes)
217National Restaurant Association100% (2/2 votes)
218Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project100% (1/1 votes)
219Southern Poverty Law Center100% (1/1 votes)
220American Academy of Physician Assistants100% (1/1 votes)
221Associated Builders and Contractors100% (2/2 votes)
222Association of American Medical Colleges100% (1/1 votes)
223Credit Union National Association100% (1/1 votes)
224Creative Voices for Nonviolence100% (1/1 votes)
225American Diabetes Association100% (1/1 votes)
226Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA)100% (1/1 votes)
227Home School Legal Defense Association100% (1/1 votes)
228Occidental Petroleum Corporation100% (1/1 votes)
229Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
230Northwest Mining Association100% (1/1 votes)
231Religious Freedom Coalition100% (1/1 votes)
232Catholic Charities USA100% (1/1 votes)
233Direct Marketing Association, Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
234Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP)100% (1/1 votes)
235The American Trucking Association100% (1/1 votes)
236National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association100% (1/1 votes)
237American Public Transportation Association100% (1/1 votes)
238Building Owners and Managers Association International100% (1/1 votes)
239National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities100% (1/1 votes)
240Laborer's International Union of North America100% (1/1 votes)
241International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR)100% (1/1 votes)
242RVA Market Research100% (1/1 votes)
243American Hotel and Lodging Association100% (2/2 votes)
244Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)100% (1/1 votes)
245Executive Office of the President; Office of Management and Budget100% (1/1 votes)
246National Tax-Limitation Committee100% (1/1 votes)
247African American Studies Librarians Section100% (1/1 votes)
248The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council)100% (1/1 votes)
249National Roofing Contractors Association100% (1/1 votes)
250International Center for Automotive Research100% (1/1 votes)
251National Restaurant Organization100% (1/1 votes)
252National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling100% (1/1 votes)
253American Benefits Council100% (2/2 votes)
254Colorado State Shooting Association100% (1/1 votes)
255United Network For Organ Sharing100% (1/1 votes)
256Rock Products100% (1/1 votes)
257R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company100% (1/1 votes)
258Microsoft100% (1/1 votes)
259Distilled Spirits Council of the United States100% (1/1 votes)
260Aloha 4 All100% (1/1 votes)
261National Volunteer Fire Council100% (2/2 votes)
262Amateur Athletic Union100% (1/1 votes)
263Exxon Mobil Corporation100% (1/1 votes)
264American Bakers Association100% (3/3 votes)
265Detroit Salt Company100% (1/1 votes)
266Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America100% (1/1 votes)
267Sporting Arms & Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute100% (1/1 votes)
268National Association of Police Organizations100% (1/1 votes)
269The National Association for Uniformed Services100% (1/1 votes)
270Americans for Tax Reform100% (3/3 votes)
271Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board100% (1/1 votes)
272Save Head Start100% (1/1 votes)
273Food Bank Council of Michigan100% (1/1 votes)
274National Association to Protect Children100% (1/1 votes)
275The Fiber-to-the-Home Council100% (1/1 votes)
276Seafarers International Union100% (1/1 votes)
277Disabled Veterans' LIFE Memorial Foundation, Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
278ERISA Industry Committee100% (1/1 votes)
279Lucile Packard Children's Hospital100% (1/1 votes)
280White Mountain National Forest100% (2/2 votes)
281National Emergency Number Association100% (1/1 votes)
282Memory of Joshua Omvig100% (1/1 votes)
283American Society of Mechanical Engineers National Institute of Standards and Technology Task Force100% (1/1 votes)
284Retail Industry Leaders Association100% (3/3 votes)
285International Foodservice Distributors Association100% (1/1 votes)
286The US Chamber of Commerce100% (1/1 votes)
287Americans for Responsible Recreational Access100% (1/1 votes)
288Interactive Advertising Bureau100% (1/1 votes)
289Habitat for Humanity100% (1/1 votes)
290Voice on the Net (VON) Coalition100% (1/1 votes)
291Polaris Project100% (1/1 votes)
292The National Retail Federation100% (1/1 votes)
293Printing Industries of America100% (1/1 votes)
294American Composite Manufacturers Association100% (1/1 votes)
295Comcast Corporation100% (1/1 votes)
296Education Finance Council100% (1/1 votes)
297American Frozen Food Institute100% (2/2 votes)
298National Mining Association100% (2/2 votes)
299Center for Competitive Politics100% (1/1 votes)
300The American Federation ofGovernment Employees100% (1/1 votes)
301Hui Pu100% (1/1 votes)
302National Association of Wheat Growers100% (1/1 votes)
303Computing Technology Industry Association100% (1/1 votes)
304The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America100% (1/1 votes)
305Society for Human Rescource Management100% (1/1 votes)
306The Humane Society of the United States100% (2/2 votes)
307National Sand, Stone, and Gravel Association100% (1/1 votes)
308National Black Justice Coalition100% (1/1 votes)
309General Federation of Women's Clubs100% (1/1 votes)
310Tree Care Industry Association100% (1/1 votes)
311www.spanusa.org100% (1/1 votes)
312The American Federation of Teachers100% (1/1 votes)
313Hadassah100% (1/1 votes)
314National Association for the Self-Employed100% (1/1 votes)
315Grocery Manufacturers Association100% (1/1 votes)
316USTelecom100% (1/1 votes)
317NATSO100% (1/1 votes)
318Department of Homeland Security100% (1/1 votes)
319U.S. Bureau of Reclamation100% (1/1 votes)
320National Center for Lesbian Rights100% (1/1 votes)
321Intrado Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
322National Federation of Independent Business100% (4/4 votes)
323American Brain Coalition100% (1/1 votes)
324American Life League100% (1/1 votes)
325Friends of Minidoka100% (1/1 votes)
326National Right to Work Committee100% (1/1 votes)
327American Business Association100% (1/1 votes)
328American College of Surgeons100% (2/2 votes)
329International Association of Chiefs of Police100% (1/1 votes)
330US Chamber of Commerce100% (6/6 votes)
331National Coordianting Committee for Multiemployer Plans100% (1/1 votes)
332Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP100% (1/1 votes)
333National Science Board100% (1/1 votes)
334The National Grange100% (1/1 votes)
335National Association of Counties100% (2/2 votes)
336Dell, Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
337Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)100% (2/2 votes)
338Meth Free Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
339Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology100% (1/1 votes)
340The American Legion100% (4/4 votes)
341World Shipping Council100% (1/1 votes)
342Distilled Spirits Council100% (1/1 votes)
343Renewable Fuels Association100% (2/2 votes)
344American Society of Human Genetics100% (1/1 votes)
345National Association of Mortgage Brokers100% (1/1 votes)
346National Brain Injury Research Treatment Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
347StudentLoanTruth.Org100% (1/1 votes)
348Focus on the Family Action100% (1/1 votes)
349The Fleet Reserve Association100% (1/1 votes)
350American Outdoors100% (1/1 votes)
351National Association of Real Estate Brokers100% (1/1 votes)
352Corn Refiners Assoiation100% (1/1 votes)
353Sallie Mae100% (1/1 votes)
354Montana Chamber of Commerce100% (1/1 votes)
355American Physical Therapy Association100% (1/1 votes)
356Extra Hands for ALS100% (1/1 votes)
357Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO100% (1/1 votes)
358Disabled American Veterans100% (3/3 votes)
359ALS Hope Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
360Citizens for Global Solutions100% (1/1 votes)
361American International Group100% (1/1 votes)
362Fleet Reserve Association100% (1/1 votes)
363International Union of Operating Engineers100% (1/1 votes)
364National Military Family Association100% (1/1 votes)
365Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council100% (1/1 votes)
366National Association of State Head Injury Administrators100% (1/1 votes)
367National Council of La Raza100% (1/1 votes)
368Paralyzed Veterans of America100% (2/2 votes)
369Shell Hydrogen LLC100% (1/1 votes)
370U.S. PIRG100% (1/1 votes)
371California State Association of Counties100% (1/1 votes)
372National Chicken Council100% (2/2 votes)
37320th Century Fox100% (1/1 votes)
374The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals100% (1/1 votes)
375Textile Rental Services Association of America100% (1/1 votes)
376National Lime Association100% (1/1 votes)
377National Federation of State High School Associations100% (1/1 votes)
378Ellis Island Restoration Commission100% (1/1 votes)
379American Legion100% (2/2 votes)
380Animal Protection Institute100% (1/1 votes)
381themiddleclass.org100% (1/1 votes)
382California Association of Realtors100% (1/1 votes)
383Council for Exceptional Children100% (1/1 votes)
384National Oilseed Processors Association100% (1/1 votes)
385Arctic Power100% (1/1 votes)
386American Foundary Society100% (1/1 votes)
387Cookware Manufacturers Association100% (1/1 votes)
388Vietnam Veterans of America100% (2/2 votes)
389National Public Radio100% (1/1 votes)
390Blinded American Veterans Foundation100% (2/2 votes)
391National Association of Community Health Centers100% (1/1 votes)
392Coalition for American Trauma Care100% (1/1 votes)
393National Minority Health Month Foundation, Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
394Epilepsy Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
395American Land Rights Association100% (1/1 votes)
396Associated General Contractors100% (2/2 votes)
397The Consumer Electronics Association100% (1/1 votes)
398The Fertilizer Institute100% (2/2 votes)
399Business Roundtable100% (2/2 votes)
400Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US100% (1/1 votes)
401National Association of Manafacturers100% (4/4 votes)
402The Christian Coalition of America100% (1/1 votes)
403Semiconductor Industry Association100% (4/4 votes)
404Society for Women's Health Research100% (1/1 votes)
405National Right to Life100% (3/3 votes)
406United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce100% (1/1 votes)
407Lumbee Tribe100% (1/1 votes)
408The United States Conference of Mayors100% (1/1 votes)
409Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America100% (2/2 votes)
410American Society of Transplant Surgeons100% (1/1 votes)
411The National Rifle Association100% (1/1 votes)
412United Cerebral Palsy100% (1/1 votes)
413The National Association of Realtors100% (2/2 votes)
414National Retail Federation80% (4/5 votes)
415U.S. Chamber of Commerce78% (11/14 votes)
416Financial Services Roundtable75% (3/4 votes)
417Consumer Bankers Association75% (3/4 votes)
418Common Cause75% (3/4 votes)
419National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)75% (3/4 votes)
420National Association of Home Builders71% (5/7 votes)
421Family Research Council66% (2/3 votes)
422American Heart Association66% (2/3 votes)
423Consumers Union66% (2/3 votes)
424American Academy of Pediatrics66% (2/3 votes)
425ACLU66% (2/3 votes)
426Biotechnology Industry Organization66% (2/3 votes)
427Taxpayers for Common Sense66% (2/3 votes)
428The Heritage Foundation66% (2/3 votes)
429American Bankers Association66% (2/3 votes)
430National School Boards Association66% (2/3 votes)
431American Soybean Association66% (2/3 votes)
432AMVETS66% (2/3 votes)
433American Psychological Association50% (1/2 votes)
434American Society of Landscape Architects50% (1/2 votes)
435National Fire Protection Association50% (1/2 votes)
436American Financial Services Association50% (1/2 votes)
437The Wilderness Society50% (2/4 votes)
438National District Attorneys Association50% (1/2 votes)
439Child Welfare League of America50% (1/2 votes)
440Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America50% (1/2 votes)
441National Low Income Housing Coalition50% (2/4 votes)
442Downsize DC50% (1/2 votes)
443The Navajo Nation50% (1/2 votes)
444American Small Business League50% (1/2 votes)
445Telecommunications Industry Association50% (1/2 votes)
446American Society of Hemotology50% (1/2 votes)
447National Association of Social Workers50% (2/4 votes)
448National Cattlemen's Beef Association50% (1/2 votes)
449American Foundation for Suicide Prevention50% (1/2 votes)
450National League of Cities50% (1/2 votes)
451National Association of Health Underwriters50% (1/2 votes)
452American Israel Public Affairs Committee50% (1/2 votes)
453American Medical Association50% (2/4 votes)
454Human Rights Watch50% (1/2 votes)
455Fraternal Order of Police50% (1/2 votes)
456National Foreign Trade Council50% (1/2 votes)
457Let Justice Roll50% (1/2 votes)
458The National Sheriffs' Association50% (1/2 votes)
459USA Rice Federation50% (1/2 votes)
460Council for Affordable and Rural Housing50% (1/2 votes)
461The Nature Conservancy50% (1/2 votes)
462American Society of Civil Engineers50% (2/4 votes)
463Housing Assistance Council50% (1/2 votes)
464America's Community Bankers50% (1/2 votes)
465U.S. Public Interest Research Group50% (1/2 votes)
466Mortgage Bankers Association50% (3/6 votes)
467International Association of Fire Chiefs50% (1/2 votes)
468Oxfam America50% (1/2 votes)
469National Rural Housing Coalition50% (1/2 votes)
470American Civil Liberties Union40% (2/5 votes)
471Public Citizen40% (4/10 votes)
472National Association of Realtors37% (3/8 votes)
473Center for Democracy & Technology33% (1/3 votes)
474Concerned Women for America33% (1/3 votes)
475Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism33% (1/3 votes)
476Electronic Frontier Foundation33% (1/3 votes)
477Sierra Club33% (1/3 votes)
478American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees33% (1/3 votes)
479American Council of Engineering Companies33% (1/3 votes)
480Progressive Punch33% (1/3 votes)
481NAACP28% (2/7 votes)
482National Conference of State Legislatures25% (1/4 votes)
483Consumer Federation of America25% (1/4 votes)
484American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations25% (1/4 votes)
485American Nurses Association20% (1/5 votes)
486National Association for the Advancement of Colored People16% (1/6 votes)
487International Brotherhood of Teamsters14% (1/7 votes)

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