Earmarks requested by Rep. Mike Simpson

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$7,615,000 for Training Area Railhead
$7,500,000 for Special Olympics 2009 World Winter Games to support the educational, competitive athletic and public awareness objectives of the winter games.
$4,064,000 for Rural Idaho
$3,871,000 for City of Rocks Back Country Byway
$3,200,000 for Vacuum Sampling Pathogen Collection and Concentration Microbial-Vac Systems Inc.
$3,147,760 for Idaho Transit Coalition Buses and Bus Facilities
$2,400,000 for 3-D Technology for Advanced Sensor Systems
$2,400,000 for Read Out Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Improvement
$2,400,000 for Systematic Approach to Radiation Hardened Electronics (SHARE) American Superconductor, Inc.
$1,600,000 for Small Accelerators and Detection Systems for Homeland Defense and National Security Applications Idaho State University
$1,600,000 for Integrated Patient Quality Program
$1,593,000 for Logistics Readiness Center
$1,500,000 for Survivability Program
$1,470,000 for I-84, Curtis Road to Broadway Interchange Widening
$1,222,000 for Idaho Department of Corrections
$1,128,000 for Idaho State Police
$1,086,000 for Rainbow Trout, Aberdeen, ID
$986,000 for Tri-State predator control program in ID, MT, WY APHIS Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming
$847,000 for Viticulture, Corvallis, OR
$735,000 for Boise Airport, planning, design and construction to widen and lengthen Runway 9/27
$698,000 for Sugarbeet Research, Kimberly, ID
$695,000 for Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station, for construction of this station
$692,000 for Greater Yellowstone Interagency Brucellosis Committee, ID, MT, WY Idaho State Department of Agriculture, Montana Department of Livestock, Wyoming Livestock Board
$642,000 for Increasing Shelf Life of Agricultural Commodities, ID University of Idaho
$625,000 for Aquaculture Research, Aberdeen, ID
$600,000 for Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security
$547,000 for Barley for Rural Development, ID, MT
$492,000 for The City of Twin Falls for the Auger Falls Wastewater Treatment Project
$487,000 for St. Luke's Regional Medical Center for construction, renovation and equipment.
$470,000 for Idaho State Police, Pocatello, ID, to support criminal information sharing
$416,000 for Cool Season Legume Research, ID, ND, WA University of Idaho, Washington Sate University, North Dakota State University
$394,000 for California Condor and Aplomado Falcon
$390,000 for United Way of Treasure Valley, Boise, ID for a substance abuse treatment program
$333,000 for Grass Seed Cropping for sustainable agriculture, ID, OR, WA University of Idaho, Oregon State University, Washington State University
$327,000 for Small Fruit Research, ID, OR, WA
$292,000 for Lee Pesky Learning Center, Boise, ID to provide educational materials for the Literacy Matters! Program
$292,000 for Idaho Caring Foundation, Inc., for oral health services for low-income children
$246,000 for Wolf monitoring in ID, MT, WY
$246,000 for Idaho Sage Grouse
$243,000 for Idaho State University, for the Advanced Clinical Simulation Laboratory, including facilities and equipment
$243,000 for Discovery Center of Idaho, Boise, 1D for a science center
$243,000 for Madison County Memorial Hospital, for facilities and equipment
$243,000 for Teton Valley Hospital and Surgicenter, Driggs, ID for purchase of equipment
$243,000 for College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, ID for the Pro-Tech program
$195,000 for Boise State University, Boise, ID for the Idaho SySTEMic Solution program
$187,000 for Nez Perce Bio-Control Center, ID Nez Perce Tribe
$171,500 for Boys and Girls Club of Magic Valley, construction of Boys and Girls Club Facility
$147,000 for Renaissance Art Center, Inc., for renovations to the historic theater
$142,000 for Idaho One Plan
$141,000 for Idaho State University, to investigate the effect of land management decisions on rangeland health and compare other areas to quantify the role of management decisions
$98,000 for Custer County for acquisition of an unused middle school building
$98,000 for Sustainable Feeds, Aberdeen, ID
$96,000 for National Plant Germplasm Program, Aberdeen, ID
$47,000 for Idaho Department of Corrections, Boise, ID, for a web-based offender information system