Bills introduced by Patrick T. McHenry

Data from GovTrack.us.

H. 1616109Protecting Children from Drugs Act of 2005
H. 2991109To prohibit United States foreign assistance from being provided to any country that refuses to extradite to the United States individuals accused of killing law enforcement officers.
H. 3206109Credit Union Charter Choice Act
H. 3751109Retirement Account Emergency Access Act of 2005
H. 4412109Comprehensive Immigration Data And Technology Accountability Act of 2005
H. 5484109Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Act of 2006
H. 5585109Financial Netting Improvements Act of 2006
H. 5859109Commission On Reforming Entitlement Spending Act
H. 6416109Financial Institutions Compliance Simplification Act
HR. 168109Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Social Security is a vital program facing bankruptcy, which must be reformed.
H. 2867110Independence Prize Act of 2007
H. 4032110To reduce temporarily the duty on PHBA.
H. 489110Commission On Reforming Entitlement Spending Act
H. 6230110Credit Rating Agency Transparency and Disclosure Act
HR. 1325110Honoring the life of Jesse Alexander Helms, Jr., distinguished former Senator from North Carolina.
HR. 40110Amending the Rules of the House of Representatives to establish a minority bill of rights to require the House to be administered in a bipartisan manner and to require regular order in the legislative process.
HR. 641110Acknowledging the importance of understanding the history of the United States of America and recognizing the need to foster civic responsibility in all citizens.

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