Earmarks requested by Rep. Paul W. Hodes

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$8,900,000 for Wing Headquarters Operations and Training Facility
$4,000,000 for Compass Call
$3,200,000 for Fleece Insulating Liners for Extended Cold Weather Clothing System, Generation III (ECWCS GEN III) Malden Mills Industries
$2,400,000 for Multi-User Panoramic Synthetic Vision System
$2,000,000 for Multi Climate Protection System [MCPS] Malden Mills Industries; Malden Mill Industries; Peckham Industries
$1,969,000 for Silvio Conte National Wildlife Refuge
$1,600,000 for New England Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative
$1,600,000 for Carbon Nanotube Armor Protection System
$1,600,000 for ChemBio Integrated Material for Tent Structures
$1,600,000 for Synthetic Auto Virtual Environment (SAVE) Vehicle Control Training, LLC
$1,200,000 for Swimmer Detection Sonar Network Scientific Solutions, Inc
$1,000,000 for Remote Controlled Surveillance Sonar System (RCSSS)
$784,000 for Downtown Franklin Revitalization
$574,000 for Saint Joseph's Hospital for the Patient Focused Technology Initiative
$490,000 for I-89 Park and Ride/Bus Terminal
$423,000 for Mount Washington Observatory Educational Outreach Expansion Initiative
$400,000 for Rail safety upgrades
$390,000 for New Hampshire Community Health Centers for construction, renovation and equipment
$352,500 for Phoenix House Families in Dublin, NH
$316,000 for Bi-State Primary Care Association, Concord, NH to treat uninsured patients
$295,000 for Wastewater and water quality protection project
$282,000 for Dartmouth Regional Technology Center
$268,000 for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH for facilities and equipment
$233,000 for Merrimack River Watershed Study
$211,500 for Claremont Community enter Programs for at Risk Youth, NH
$197,000 for Northern Forest Center Sustainable Forestry Grants
$196,000 for Grafton County Economic Development Council, for acquisition, renovation and build out of a business incubator
$195,000 for Plymouth State University, collaborative research institute for sustainable rural economics
$188,000 for River frontage and watershed conservation, to continue the program to proactively conserve undeveloped river frontage and upland watershed, Merrimack River Fish Habitat
$150,000 for Town of Pembroke
$146,000 for Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, NH for a nursing education program, which may include equipment
$146,000 for Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH for the Partners Enabling Active Rural Living Institute to develop an evidence-based model for promoting and enabling appropriate daily physical activity in rural communities
$98,000 for Daniel Webster Farmhouse, Franklin
$98,000 for Bonnie CLAC for capitalization of a revolving loan fund to assist low-income populations with transportation needs
$97,000 for Nashua Adult Learning Center, Nashua, NH for a Family Resource Center
$94,000 for New Hampshire Volunteer Lake Assessment Program, for evaluation of quality of lakes and ponds in NH through trained volunteer program
$50,000 for Town of Epsom