Earmarks requested by Rep. Phil Gingrey

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$5,681,000 for Allatoona Lake
$4,000,000 for Advanced SAM Hardware Simulator Development - ITEAMS Dynetics; Georgia Institute of Technology; Georgia Institute of Technology; Georgia Institute of Technology; Georgia Institute of Technology
$3,445,000 for Paulding County Land Area
$3,200,000 for Combat Arms Training System (CATS) FATS Inc.
$3,200,000 for AN/APN-241 Radar for ANG C-130
$2,000,000 for BioFoam Protein Hydrogel for Battlefield Trauma
$2,000,000 for Covert WPM Waveform Modules Scientific Research Corporation
$1,800,000 for Cartledge Infuser SMISSION-Cartledge Biomedical
$1,600,000 for Advanced Bio-engineering for Enhancement of Soldier Survivability Georgia Institute of Technology
$1,600,000 for Electronic Technology Infrastructure in Support of Military Missions Grady Health System
$1,000,000 for Active and Smart Packaging for Combat Feeding Printpack Inc.
$588,000 for Paulding County Airport, land acquisition, site preparation, and construction
$517,000 for Inner Harbor of Georgia - EXCEL Program
$493,500 for Cobb County, GA
$368,000 for Cotton Insect Management and Fiber Quality, GA University of Georgia
$316,000 for Cobb County Government, Marietta, GA for a senior health center, including facilities and equipment
$310,000 for Marine Corps Reserve Center
$295,000 for The City of Atlanta for wastewater and stormwater rehabilitation project
$295,000 for The Metro North Georgia Water Planning District for water and wastewater improvements project
$245,000 for Union Grove Interchange
$188,000 for National Association of Court Management