Interest Group Alignment of Sen. Robert C. Byrd

1Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)100% (1/1 votes)
2The American Society of Addiction Medicine100% (1/1 votes)
3National Lawyers Guild100% (1/1 votes)
4The Planetary Society100% (1/1 votes)
5The American Association for the Advancement of Science100% (1/1 votes)
6Families USA100% (1/1 votes)
7National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association100% (1/1 votes)
8National Governors Association100% (1/1 votes)
9National Council of Urban Indian Health100% (1/1 votes)
10Coalition for Genetic Fairness100% (1/1 votes)
11Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation100% (2/2 votes)
12National Low Income Housing Coalition100% (1/1 votes)
13American Diabetes Association100% (1/1 votes)
14US Chamber of Commerce100% (1/1 votes)
15NAACP100% (1/1 votes)
16Genetic Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
17American Optometric Association100% (1/1 votes)
18Service Employees International Union100% (1/1 votes)
19Center for National Security Studies100% (1/1 votes)
20Amtrak100% (1/1 votes)
21American Society of Human Genetics100% (1/1 votes)
22National Conference of State Legislatures100% (1/1 votes)
23Colorectal Cancer Coalition100% (1/1 votes)
24The International Association of Chiefs of Police100% (1/1 votes)
25Affymetrix100% (1/1 votes)
26American Phsychiatric Association100% (1/1 votes)
27American Foundation for Suicide Prevention100% (1/1 votes)
28National Treasury Employees Union100% (1/1 votes)
29International Brotherhood of Teamsters100% (2/2 votes)
30The American Counseling Association100% (1/1 votes)
31National Catholics Bioethics Center100% (1/1 votes)
32Center for American Progress Action Fund100% (1/1 votes)
33International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers100% (1/1 votes)
34American Psychological Association100% (1/1 votes)
35Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-USA100% (1/1 votes)
36National Workrights Institute100% (1/1 votes)
37Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)100% (1/1 votes)
38National Indian Health Board100% (1/1 votes)
39National Waterways Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
40National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders100% (1/1 votes)
41Episcopal Public Policy Network100% (1/1 votes)
42Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
43AFSCME, American Federation of State County, and Municipal Employees100% (1/1 votes)
44Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America100% (1/1 votes)
45American Bankers Association100% (1/1 votes)
46National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)100% (1/1 votes)
47American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering100% (1/1 votes)
48Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
49Mental Health America100% (1/1 votes)
50School Social Work Association of America100% (1/1 votes)
51National Alliance on Mental Illness100% (1/1 votes)
52National Right to Life Committee100% (1/1 votes)
53Biotechnology Industry Organization100% (1/1 votes)
54American Israel Public Affairs Committee100% (1/1 votes)
55Apollo Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
56American Academy of Physician Assistants100% (1/1 votes)
57American Association of Retired Persons100% (1/1 votes)
58American Sugarbeet Growers Association100% (1/1 votes)
59American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy100% (1/1 votes)
60American Public Health Association100% (1/1 votes)
61Association of American Medical Colleges100% (1/1 votes)
62Hadassah100% (1/1 votes)
63American Hospital Association100% (1/1 votes)
64Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)100% (1/1 votes)
65Friends Committee on National Legislation100% (2/2 votes)
66Let Justice Roll100% (1/1 votes)
67Campus Progress100% (1/1 votes)
68UNITE HERE!100% (1/1 votes)
69National Association of Social Workers100% (3/3 votes)
70American Public Transportation Association100% (1/1 votes)
71Fraternal Order of Police100% (1/1 votes)
72Child Welfare League of America100% (1/1 votes)
73National Coalition for Homeless Veterans100% (1/1 votes)
74American Psychiatric Association100% (1/1 votes)
75National Association for the Advancement of Colored People100% (1/1 votes)
76Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers100% (1/1 votes)
77Merck and Company, Inc.100% (1/1 votes)
78Avera100% (1/1 votes)
79American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry100% (1/1 votes)
80Sarah Lawrence College100% (1/1 votes)
81Citizens for Global Solutions100% (1/1 votes)
82Wider Opportunities for Women100% (1/1 votes)
83National Farmers Union100% (1/1 votes)
84The Catholic Health Association100% (1/1 votes)
85Student Aid Alliance100% (1/1 votes)
86Audubon100% (1/1 votes)
87American Nurses Association100% (3/3 votes)
88The Association for Manufacturing Technology100% (1/1 votes)
89National Multiple Sclerosis Society100% (1/1 votes)
90Council of Graduate Schools100% (1/1 votes)
91Disabled American Veterans100% (1/1 votes)
92American Society of Hemotology100% (2/2 votes)
93Development GAP100% (1/1 votes)
94National Alliance for Filipino Veterans Equity100% (1/1 votes)
95Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW)100% (1/1 votes)
96Westchester Institute100% (1/1 votes)
97American Federation of Teachers100% (1/1 votes)
98National Organization for Rare Disorders100% (1/1 votes)
99American Civil Liberties Union100% (1/1 votes)
100Faces and Voices of Recovery100% (1/1 votes)
101Learning Disabilities Association of America100% (1/1 votes)
102Interfaith Worker Justice100% (1/1 votes)
103Huntington's Disease Advocacy Center100% (1/1 votes)
104Global Rights100% (1/1 votes)
105League of Women Voters100% (1/1 votes)
106National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF)100% (1/1 votes)
107National Association of Realtors100% (1/1 votes)
108American Heart Association/American Stroke Association100% (1/1 votes)
109March of Dimes100% (1/1 votes)
110Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America100% (1/1 votes)
111Friends of the Global Fight100% (1/1 votes)
11220th Century Fox100% (1/1 votes)
113World Shipping Council100% (1/1 votes)
114National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators100% (2/2 votes)
115National Association of Regional Councils100% (1/1 votes)
116Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP)100% (1/1 votes)
117The American Bankers Association100% (1/1 votes)
118National Association of Homebuilders100% (1/1 votes)
119Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.100% (2/2 votes)
120American Legion100% (1/1 votes)
121National Association of Home Builders100% (1/1 votes)
122National Association of Development Organizations100% (1/1 votes)
123Brown University100% (1/1 votes)
124Center for Constitutional Rights100% (1/1 votes)
125Citizens Trade Campaign100% (1/1 votes)
126United States Student Association100% (1/1 votes)
127United Food and Commercial Workers100% (1/1 votes)
128Council on Competitiveness100% (1/1 votes)
129American Academy of Family Physicians100% (1/1 votes)
130Americans for Transportation Mobility100% (1/1 votes)
131Oncology Nursing Society (ONS)100% (1/1 votes)
132The Association of Leaders in Equipment Distribution100% (1/1 votes)
133Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation100% (1/1 votes)
134Air Force Sergeants Association Division 610100% (1/1 votes)
135Parkinson's Action Network100% (1/1 votes)
136AIDS Treatment Action Coalition100% (1/1 votes)
137American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy100% (1/1 votes)
138U.S. Climate Emergency Council100% (1/1 votes)
139AFL-CIO100% (4/4 votes)
140National Education Association100% (1/1 votes)
141American Heart Association100% (1/1 votes)
142TechNet100% (1/1 votes)
143National Society of Genetic Counselors100% (1/1 votes)
144Washington Office on Latin America100% (1/1 votes)
145Federal Bar Association100% (1/1 votes)
146American Council on Education100% (1/1 votes)
147American Medical Association100% (2/2 votes)
148National Spinal Cord Injury Association100% (1/1 votes)
149American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists100% (1/1 votes)
150Firedoglake100% (1/1 votes)
151Mortgage Bankers Association100% (1/1 votes)
152League of Conservation Voters100% (2/2 votes)
153Equal Exchange100% (1/1 votes)
154The League of United Latin American Citizens100% (1/1 votes)
155American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network100% (1/1 votes)
156The National Academies100% (1/1 votes)
157National Association of Realtors (NAR)100% (1/1 votes)
158American Council of Engineering Companies100% (1/1 votes)
159North American Port Association100% (1/1 votes)
160American College of Physicians100% (1/1 votes)
161Environmental Defense Center100% (1/1 votes)
162American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees100% (1/1 votes)
163Association for Career and Technical Education100% (1/1 votes)
164National School Boards Association100% (1/1 votes)
165Bill100% (1/1 votes)
166Center for Science in the Public Interest100% (1/1 votes)
167United States Business and Industry Council100% (1/1 votes)
168Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism100% (1/1 votes)
169States for Passenger Rail Coalition100% (1/1 votes)
170American Psychoanalytic Association100% (1/1 votes)
171Public Citizen75% (3/4 votes)
172American Academy of Pediatrics75% (3/4 votes)
173Consumer Federation of America66% (2/3 votes)
174Sierra Club66% (2/3 votes)
175National Association of Manufacturers50% (1/2 votes)
176National Association of Health Underwriters50% (1/2 votes)
177National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors50% (1/2 votes)
178Business Roundtable50% (1/2 votes)
179American Soybean Association50% (1/2 votes)
180USA Rice Federation50% (1/2 votes)
181American Civil Liberities Union50% (1/2 votes)
182OMB Watch50% (1/2 votes)
183National Retail Federation33% (1/3 votes)
184U.S. Chamber of Commerce20% (1/5 votes)

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