Earmarks requested by Sen. Sam Brownback

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$55,000,000 for Barracks Complex
$50,000,000 for Barracks (Grow the Force)
$43,000,000 for Unit Operation Facilities (Grow the Force)
$28,044,000 for Tuttle Creek Lake, KS (Dam Safety)
$28,000,000 for Digital Multipurpose Range Complex
$23,000,000 for Unit Operation Facilities (Grow the Force)
$12,800,000 for Barracks (Grow the Force)
$12,515,000 for Air Support Operations Squadron Complex
$9,000,000 for Air Support Operations Squadron Beddown
$8,856,000 for Turkey Creek Basin, KS & MO
$8,800,000 for Health & Dental Clinic (Grow the Force)
$8,500,000 for Child Development Center (Grow the Force)
$8,300,000 for USMC UC-12 Replacement Aircraft (RA) Hawker-Beech Corporation
$6,300,000 for MXG Consolidation and Forward Logisitics Center
$4,000,000 for Urban Operations Environmental Lab
$2,900,000 for Thermal Battery qualification
$2,800,000 for Accelerated Insertion of Advanced Materials and Certification for Military Aircraft Structure Material Wichita State University
$2,500,000 for Trunked Radio System
$2,400,000 for AT-6B
$2,400,000 for Defense Fuelcell Locomotive
$2,352,000 for National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University, Kansas
$2,000,000 for Radio Personality Modules for SINCGARS Test Sets Aeroflex
$1,900,000 for Military Working Dog Facility
$1,800,000 for East Captiol Center for Change, the Capitol Area Building Corporation, and the National Center for Fatherhood to administer Marriage Development Accounts in the District of Columbia
$1,600,000 for Nanocomposites for Lightning Protection of Composite Airframe Structures
$1,600,000 for Composite Small Main Rotor Blades Kaman/Plastic Fabricating Company
$1,470,000 for Planning and Design, Bus Rapid Transit--State Avenue Corridor
$1,372,000 for Manhattan Airport, runway safety improvements
$1,200,000 for Life Support Radio Test Sets
$1,200,000 for Second Source Tires for JLTV
$1,176,000 for NeighborhoodsNOW, Community Foundation of Wyandotte County
$1,117,000 for Polymer Research, KS Pittsburg State University
$1,000,000 for South Topeka Boulevard Business Corridor for infrastructure upgrades
$1,000,000 for Technical Education and Training Center
$984,000 for Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, Demonstration of Plug-in Vehicles
$984,000 for Cloud County Community College Wind Turbine
$800,000 for Arabic Language Training Program
$800,000 for Digital Data High Quality Recorder
$800,000 for Improved Skin Decontamination System
$800,000 for Advanced Extended Range Attack Missile
$735,000 for Interstate 70 Viaduct Realignment
$700,000 for Equipment for Pharmaceutical Small Business Development at the University of Kansas
$686,000 for Research on Small Aircraft, National Institute for Aviation Research, Wichita State University
$686,000 for Interchange Construction at US-73 and 20th Street
$686,000 for Reconstruction of Two Interchanges in I-235
$686,000 for Bus Replacement for Unified Government of Wyandotte County
$686,000 for Intersection Rehabilitation and Improvements, US24 and Marlatt Avenue
$588,000 for Reconstruction of US-50
$588,000 for US 54
$588,000 for Intersection Rehabilitation, US-166 and US-169, Montgomery County, KS
$583,100 for Morning Star Ranch, to renovate facilities
$564,000 for Kansas Regional Community Policing Institute
$548,000 for Grain Sorghum, KS, TX
$514,500 for TLC for Children and Families, for an emergency shelter and social services for children and youth in the Kansas City
$500,000 for Leadership for leaders at CGSC and KSU
$500,000 for Great Plains Joint Regional Training Center
$492,000 for Great Bend for 10th Street sewer line repairs
$492,000 for The City of Lamed for the Waste Water Treatment Plant
$492,000 for Kansas River Basin Technical Assistance
$492,000 for The City of Iola for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
$490,000 for I-235/US 54 &I-235/ Central Ave Interchange
$490,000 for Reconstruction of US-50
$487,000 for Kansas City Kansas Community College, workforce development training to improve economic conditions and to reduce prisoner recidivism
$487,000 for Kansas State University for equipment for the Midwest institute for Comparative Stem Cell Biology
$470,000 for Sedgwick County, KS District Attorney's Office
$428,351 for Technology Entrepreneurship Development at the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation
$392,000 for Coffeyville Community Enhancement Foundation, Coffeyville, KS, for infrastructure rehabilitation and construction
$341,000 for Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas renovation and equipment
$341,000 for Providence Media Center for telehealth upgrades
$329,000 for Wichita State University, facility and equipment improvement at the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance
$295,000 for The City of Lenexa for stormwater improvement project
$295,000 for The City of Ellsworth for wastewater treatment project
$295,000 for Brown v. Board of Education Foundation
$292,000 for Atchinson Hospital Association renovation and equipment
$292,000 for MidAmerica Nazarene University, equipment acquisition to expand distance education for teachers in western Kansas
$282,000 for Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas City, KS for crime victim services
$282,000 for Ford County Sheriff's Office, for addressing and preventing terror risks in rural areas
$276,000 for National Agriculture Biosecurity Center, KS National Agriculture Biosecurity Center, Kansas State University
$272,600 for Camp Fire USA, Kansas City, KS, for mentoring children of prisoners
$256,000 for Wheat Genetic Research, KS
$245,000 for 87th Street Parkway Improvements
$236,000 for Washburn University, equipment acquisition to train students in science and health-related fields
$235,000 for Donnelly College, for inmate education
$227,000 for Upper Turkey Creek
$197,000 for Brush Creek Basin
$151,000 for Preharvest Food Safety, KS Kansas State University
$135,000 for Manhattan
$94,000 for Johnson County, KS Emergency Communications
$84,600 for Prevention and Recovery Services, Inc. Topeka, KS, for to fight methamphetamine production and abuse
$74,000 for Water conservation, KS Kansas State University
$0 for Eureka Creek