Earmarks requested by Rep. Tim Johnson

Data from Fiscal Year 2008 appropriations bills supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense.

AmountEarmark DescriptionIntended Recipient
$2,000,000 for Nanomedical Technologies Research University if Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
$1,000,000 for Miniature Cooling Unit for Electronic Devices Creative Thermal Solutions
$863,000 for Illinois-Missouri Alliance for Biotechnology
$793,000 for Soybean Research, IL
$601,000 for Livestock Genome Sequencing, IL
$492,000 for Eastern Illinois University Power Plant (IL)
$491,000 for Future Foods, IL University of Illinois
$490,000 for Street extension
$427,000 for International Arid Lands Consortium, AZ
$352,500 for Geodesy / Height Modernization, Illinois
$245,000 for Multimodal Center
$195,000 for Coles County Council on Aging, Mattoon, IL for facilities and equipment
$187,000 for Agricultural Marketing, IL University of Illinois
$146,000 for Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL for nursing programs
$98,000 for Bi-State Authority, Lawrenceville-Vincennes Airport, for construction of a new airport building for a public use area
$49,000 for Lovington Community Unit School District, for roof replacement on school buildings and electrical upgrades to the interior lighting system
$0 for Lake Shelbyville, IL